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    Just got my first ilf setup. The win and win black wolf. I can’t seem to find any information on how far I can back the limb bolts out. I email Lancaster support they said. “ you back them out 4 turns” so is that the maximum I can go out? Or just a starting reference point. I don’t want to back...
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    I've been eyeballing the Win & Win Black Elk and although it appears to have some drawbacks, I'm intrigued by it. Has anyone out there had a go with it?
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    Check the trading blanket for the specs and photos of this bow. Very good condition, used one indoor season.
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    Has anyone shot both and how would you compare them. How they feel, speed, hand shock, just anything good or bad. Which one would you choose over the other. Thank you.
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    What are the difference between the two and which is the latter model? Thanks
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    Hey all, I saw this bow on the Lancaster site. I also watched a couple videos. It looks to be a really nice setup. All the info I've seen and read about it is positive. It's not a lot of info though. I'd like to get some reports from you guys if anyone here has owned one. I've got a...
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    Saw a 25" Win & Win Inno Carbon Riser RH for sale on Archery Talk. Older model, but looks in good condition. Anyone have any experience with them and have any thoughts on how it is for a riser for someone who is transitioning from a stickbow over to ILF? Again, I have a DL of about 30" and I...
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    Just picked up one of the Win Win 17" Black Wolf carbon risers. Won't have the limbs for it (Dryad) for a couple of weeks. Anyone have any experience? Thoughts?
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    Looking to buy a black win and win Rapido carbon riser and maybe a set of carbon limbs to match up, hope someone can help me out
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    Hello fellow single stringers, I just thought Id ask if any of you have used these. They use ACE components and nano technology with .003 straightness and for an Aussie they are priced between Easton Carbon one's and Apollos.I probably will get some but it never hurts to ask thanks.
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    looking for CXT , thanks
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    I saw this product review from Lancaster Archery today and thought everyone might like to see it. This looks like a great package. I would bet this bow would really shoot very well...
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    Any idea of how the RCX 100 carbon limbs are rated? For instance are the rated at minimum preload, middle, maximum?
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    I was looking at a set of lighter limbs for indoors and non-hunting that didn't cost a lot of money. Looking at the following from W&W... if I can find them used. I prefer the carbons and don't have a lot to spend on limbs that I might not keep long once I finally sell my riser and current Hex...
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    60X Custom Strings will be running our annual Super Bowl Contest . Pick the winner, final score and how many rushing yards Cam Newton will have. The winner will receive 3 free recurve/longbow strings from 60X Custom Strings. The contest is simple to enter: 1) goto 2)...
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    If anyone has shot this riser and limbs, please let me know what you thought. tks Dennis
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    I posted about the wiawis one's on the fita site with not much feedback. Have any of you here shot either of these limbs ? Are they real firm through the pull ? Or soft ? How about the release ? I want them only for my oly. Set up. I think I want a set of one of these limbs. But would...
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    I was checking out the Win & Win website and Lancaster Archery for a real good take down Recurve. It looks to me that the W&W Black Wolf is the best of the bunch...Win & Win has the most knowledge when it comes to high end Carbon Risers and they make the best Carbon synthetic limbs, IMO. I read...
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    Hi all - my RCX 17 just arrived and I mounted my TT Blackmax Carbon Woods. Mounting is fine, but I can only turn out maximum 1.5 turns. Otherwise the limb can't seem to pivot enough to make contact with the tiller bolt. Do I need longer detente assembly? Or is something else going on? I'm...
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    Anyone tried these yet ? Would be ineresting to hear How they differ from Ex-Powers both good and bad.