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    Ok, did anyone else see that black widow is adding carbon into their limbs, looked for anything online but nothing. Seen it on their Facebook page. Not a bunch of details like cost or models and lengths. If I remember correctly it will be belly and back carbon. Maybe it was just in my mind...
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    So I am new to the whole trad thing and am awaiting a 60" PSAIII 42#. I want to get the required materials to build strings for it and am intimidated by the flemish string build. I do build strings/cables for my compounds...can I use those techniques to build for a recurve? If so, what are...
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    Looking for some MA3 limbs. Preferably Autumn Oak, 62" (but 60" OK), 45-55#. If you have something slightly heaver that BW can reduce draw weight I'd consider that for the right price.
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    For sale R/H Black Widow PTF II Gray Bark [email protected] and 58 inch, Like New, built 11/18, only shot very little at indoor range. Comes with a String keeper, a black widow stringer and a #403 one piece recurve bow soft case. Can text or email pics, lower 48 only. $700 TYD
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    In Mint Condition a 67” [email protected] T-600 Year 1969 Used very lightly if any. Perfect Condition Asking $435.00 tyd with paypal
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    I've reached a point in my life (75) that I hoped wouldn't come, unable to shoot my longbows. I consider my Reverse shoulder replacement on the right shoulder and rotator cuff on the left. I have two beautiful Black Widow longbows that need a good home to someone that will keep adding venison to...
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    Are they as good as they say
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    1.) PSA Ironwood, 58 inch, right hand, 42#@28 in, excellent condition 2.) PMA Greenleaf, 64 inch, right hand, 38#@ 28 in, excellent condition $750.00 each plus shipping Located in British Columbia, CANADA so shipping is approx 50.00 Email me at [email protected] if you are...
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    If anyone can point me in the direction of used BW PMA limbs-right handed in the range of 45-50# I be thankful
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    Want 33# 62inch psa ?
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    Got a question for all the black widow shooters. Been shooting a 60” PSA for the past year. I liked it so much I got another in a heavier weight. I draw 28” and would like to try a PMA. Been shooting a 64” PMA and it is really smooth. According to Widows recommendation I should go for a...
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    Not trying to start a big debate but I’ve been playing with various brands of bows trying to decide what I like best. Recently I shot a 50#@28” Schafer and a 51#@28”Black Widow. The Schafer is a lot smoother than the Widow in my opinion. Just wondering if anyone else has had the same results...
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    I have never had one. I sort of want one. I've bought & sold all the others.....pretty much.....well a lot of them. SHOW me pics of your BW longbow, tell which model it is, length & pounds, and tell me why you like it......or why you DON't / didn't like it. thanks in advance.
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    It was a long wait but she finally arrived. I have not had a chance to shoot it a lot but from what I have seen and felt so far it is a shooter. I'm getting about 175 FPS from a 495 grain arrow. My PA is 62" this PMA is 64". It feels smooth and stable. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    They go together like PB&J! Thunderhorn really delivered on the quiver. The custom cross and nails had to be re drawn by them to be etched in the leather. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Lets hope I walk by all the temptation and end up with a Coffee Mug.
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    How does the PSR compare to the other short brace height models as far as performance is concerned? Are the PSR's more comparable to their long bow line? I'd be using it for hunting whitetail and in a 55-60# range.
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    I sent my PSAII to BW for a refinish and some work, Roger was quick to answer emails and kept me in the loop. Riser arrived today like new, they even fit a new strike plate/rest. The most amazing thing is it only took 2 days to get from Nixa Missouri to the UK now that's fast. Thanks Black Widow.
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    For sale Black--Black Widow Great Northern Bolt on Quiver Excellent condition. $55 TYD Can text or email pics.
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    Received my yearly catalog a few days ago. I generally just put them up without Looking at them as I had quit archery for a bout 6years. I started back a year ago this past November going the ILF route and never looked at their 2016 catalog. The ILF thing has been good but ever tome I shoot my...