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    I got gifted a bear whitetail hunter compound after I told a friend at work that its possible to turn some of the old compounds into recurves. Is it possible to turn it into an ILF and if so who's the man for the job.
  2. Hunting Camp
    Thought I would share a really cool mature 4pt my buddy shot while we were hunting this morning. Could be the country’s largest 4. Lol. Solid mass and brows. Think I may like him better than a 140” 10pt. Just so unusual.
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    I got the latest GoPro 6 and I'm very impressed. I filmed a lot of the ETAR video with it and I was impressed with the quality of the image. I've always wanted to video a nice buck being shot and I've tried to use GoPro's before on my head to film but was not happy with the perspective. The...
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    I've had this American Whitetail Hybrimat CRM target about 12 months now, shooting at a range of 8 yards in my apartment. Recurve bows in the range of 30#-35# and my compound at 50#. I estimate I've done about 4,000-5,000 shots so far. It's 25" x 25" x 17" deep. I am VERY happy with this...
  5. Bow Projects
    Would these two risers use the same ILF plates by any chance?
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    Recurve. Carbon wood limbs. 45# on the fingers, shooting: Beman Bowhunter 500, 29", 100 gr two blade broadhead: Speed (FPS): 208.5 Enrgy (Ft-lbs): 33.9 FOC (%): 14.6 Total weight (grains): 352 GPP: 7.8 (from Stu Millar Calc) If no, then what would you change?
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    Hey everyone! Check out Episode 38 of The Push Podcast. Matt and Tim sit down and talk about Matt's successful opening day deer hunt. They also introduce a new segment on the Podcast where Nick White shares his thoughts and progress through an audio journal. This audio journal will be updated...
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    I'm currently shooting a #60 Kodiak Hunter, with Gold Tip 29" 340 arrows. I was shooting a 150gr Woodsman, killed a couple deer with them and lost one deer. They flew good but I never was able to get them as sharp as I felt they needed to be. I bought some 125gr Muzzy Phantoms, killed several...
  9. Hunting Camp
    Need to get some pictures of it but I picked up the DAS Tribute riser from my bestest feathered friend Steve a while back and have been playing with it. I get the priveledge to harvest 5 deer here in Texas. Moved here recently and bought a nice house on several acres in the hill country north...
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    Hey guys I just found out about warf bows and wanted to know if you could use a whitetail hunter II. If so what do I need to do and what are the best limbs to use. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks Chad Sent from my VS985 4G using Tapatalk
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    But it sure was fun, and challenging! Got back from Cedar Key, FL this evening after a couple of days of shooting rays--it was a blast! Biggest one we boated was around 80#, but we saw (and missed) bigger. You'd think it would be easy to hit a critter as big as a television screen, but when...
  12. Bow Projects
    I was given an old school compound bow and I wanna make it a recurve. Stripping it down to the frame and I obviously need recurve limbs. Never done this before. Just kinda diving in. Any advice is welcome
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    That's the price quoted in our latest "Africa's Bowhunter" magazine of what it costs to shoot one of these on private land. The local cost is $30 for hunting on public land but there are none to be found. This is the reason "the Americans don't mind paying vast sums of money to hunt here". I...
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    I bought some Carbon Tech Cheetah's for 3-D last year, and I like them. Light and fast, so flat shooting, and the .650 spine works pretty well in a couple of my bows. Now I'm looking at getting some .500's and wondering if anyone has used both the Cheetah and Whitetail series shafts. The WT's...
  15. Warfin' Wall
    I have a bear whitetail master that I want to do a ward on. I just wanted to buy a set of sage limbs for it. I don't want to spend anymore money on it. I don't have pics of it right know. Will the limbs bolt right up. If I have to have any hardware I will have to make it myself I'm broke right...
1-15 of 51 Results