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  2. Bows
    For sale Right hand CD WF 19 riser with TradTech 2.0 35lb long limbs. Bought new 5/12/20. Burnt Brown color like new. $625 plus shipping. Can text or email pics or call 618-792-7215
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    For those of you who have put uukha ex1 evo2 limbs on a WF19 riser, how much weight did they gain? Looking for first hand experience.......
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    I draw 28.25” and curious if I should get medium or long limbs for a WF19 riser. Curious to hear what you think. I usually shoot mediums but know this riser packs a bit more preload than others
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    I'm thinking about a pair of super recurve limbs for my wf19 riser. As the limb pad angel of wf19 is smaller than most ilf risers, I wonder which size limb will be fit my draw length(26.5"). Is there anyone has similar experience? Thanks.
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    Hi Guys, I'm hoping to get your opinion on the WF19 as far as limb poundage scaling. I have about a 27" drawlength, and my experience with the WF19 is that there isn't much change in limb poundage whether it's rated at 17", 19" or 25" risers. I've shot some Tradtech limbs at pull a little...
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    Everyone has said that due to the limb pad angles on the WF19 riser that most limbs come in heavier. I’ve currently got 2 sets of black max limbs here. One is marked 40 pounds and the other is 45. On the 40 pound set I’m only getting 43 pounds with the limb bolts slammed and on the 45 pound set...
1-7 of 62 Results