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    I have a #60 Bear Kodiak Hunter and recently got an #85 Damon Howatt Hunter, that desperately need shined up. What should I use?
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    Scyth's bow wax . . . the final cut . . . Diameter = 48 mm Height = 23 mm Weight = 28.5 grams All natural & traditional ingredients . . . Regards, John
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    I don't wish to hijack Sycth's thread regarding his string wax recipes, so here's a new one .... With the use of modern highly engineered polymers why do we wax our bow strings .... here's a little snippet from Wikipedia ... " Ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene (UHMWPE, UHMW) is a subset...
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    The subject is string wax . . . I bought many varieties of commercial string wax and their was something missing or not correct . . . it just wasn't right for my purpose. Then I researched the composition of string wax . . . throughly . . . and there was a witch's brew of the ingredients . . ...
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    I recently switched to bcy-x string material and also went to limbsaver green string wax. Its much thinner viscosity if that term can be applied to wax? Seems my strings are getting fuzzy everytime I turn around. Is it the nature of that material, the wax, or?
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    I've been shooting traditional archery a long time now, but mostly "in a vacuum." I don't go to shoots and only know two other traditional archers where I live. Using string wax is one of those things I do out of habit without really knowing why. With all the new string materials out there I...
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    Like the vast majority of archers, I look after my strings. I check them for length, wear, damage and, on a regular basis rub them with beeswax. I won't hesitate to discard a string that shows the slightest imperfection or sign of damage. Modern string materials are extraordinarily complex...
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    I am new to the forum. I need some help with my string twisting if you please. Any tips on how to keep the tags ends under control while twisting? While I do a three bundle they get out of control around the transition area. Everything goes well up to that point. It seems as if the wax wears...
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    I just bought my first recurve and I got a dacron endless loop style string for it, Someone told me if to twist it a little to get more speed but I thought I read somewhere that you're not supposed to twist endless loop strings I haven't checked the brace height yet either. If I need to...
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    Ok, I’ve been ordering Dacron strings from Rod Jenkins? The first string lasted 4 months shooting on weekends, started to wear fast at the loops. The sales rep told me that it probably was a problem with the bow cutting into the loops of the Flemish string. I saw no rough surface but still I...
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    I am about to make my first strins with Brownell's Fast Flight material and having always used Dacron B-50 I always waxed the strings upon completion. Is that a good practice for Fast Flight and additionally what about the other Marials BCY sells such ad 8125 and D97? Thanks
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    Any benefits/downsides in the choice of string wax? Silicone type vs non-silicone, brand type. Sorry if this is a stupid question.
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    I asked for string wax at a local sporting shop and they were out.The owner said to just use a candle,that it was the same thing and alot cheaper.Is it the same?
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    Hey Bowdonk, When are you going to make a new batch of wax? You need to sell the stuff, I'm in line to place an order! Mike
  15. TradTalk Main Forum
    Instead of camoing my ilf limbs I'm thinking of putting car wax on them and then not buffing them. Then after the season I'll just shine them up. Anyone try this? Any problems you could imagine? I'd get a scentless variety. Seth
1-15 of 17 Results