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  1. Warfin' Wall
    I have a PSE Nova, bought new in the 1980's. It was my first compound bow, and it seemed state of the art back then. I bought some 3Rivers DAS connection plates and warfed the riser a few months ago. With some SR carbon fiber limbs it makes a fine bow fishing rig, and it's a pretty sweet stump...
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    I am new here and have a question on warfed risers . What I wanted to know is . Does a hoyt specter riser need the alignment tabs to be turned into ilf riser. The tabs are ground off on mine vany help would be great thanks norm.
  3. Warfin' Wall
    What length Fast Flight string should I order? If I understand correctly the Rambo riser is 21”. So with short limbs I’d have a 62” AMO bow, with medium limbs a 64” AMO bow. Sound about right?
  4. Warfin' Wall
    evening, wondering if these bows can be warfed easily and which is best candidate and why. 1. Pearson Cherokee compound. 2. hoyt spectra 5000 Also, can you attach samick sage limbs to an ILF milled or plate fitted riser?? Thank you
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    NOT sure what Bear compound this was but this one was not machined for any rest or plunger.It had a stick on flipper rest which I replaced with a built out Hoyt super rest.This is the second riser I have made of this style riser and like how they handle.
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    Sorry if I'm beating a dead horse but I can't find a lot of information on it. I've got a chance to buy a golden eagle falcon for 45 bucks. Is it worth it and how easily can it be done
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    Can yo use an ILF limb on a Dorado if you remove the ILF bushings? What does it do to the marked poundage as compared to the same limb on an ILF riser?
  8. Warfin' Wall
    I am looking to find out if it can be done, and if anyone has done so? This is not a whitetail hunter, it is the bear hunter, original riser was black, and the limbs were gold flecked metallic black paint with two thin gold pin stripes on them. My original owners manual was for the hunter and...
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    I've been playing with it. This will be pretty hard to explain. The limb bolts go through the limb and then the Warfed limb pad and then the limb bolt secures into another bold with the female threading. This bold with the female threading pivots as the limb is being drawn back, so that there...
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    Finally got a chance to post some work I sent out to Jonhdo. 2 prolines and 1 Bear mini mag. He does great work. On the Prolines he keyholed the riser for ILF, and drilled and tapped for limb bolts. On the mini mag he squared everything up and tapped the limb bolt holes with some strong...
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    Thanks to Steve Long & Loc Do, I now have a first...Pearson Warfed ILF riser 17". It came with Lacewood accents inserts so it looks nice with a Lacewood Tippit knife too! I haven't shot it yet as I have a couple more weeks left of restricted weight lifting due to my December back surgery...but...
  12. Warfin' Wall
    I'm a little late to this party I know, here's my first BB warf in das (I really like the das for hunting). My machinist buddy made the thumbscrew cut out to deep and I was a little concerned but everything is fine and it shoots dead in the hand. I installed some butyl rubber soud deadening in...
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    I need some help. Im looking for a low Price Wood riser for my TT longbow limbs. I found some very good price Samic risers at Lancaster but I read here that limb pad is too short. I would like to see some picture to get an idea of how it looks. Thanks Martin
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    I know nothing about warfed risers or anything ilf but these bows have my attention. They just look old school with a twist. That pick on another thread of the old school hoyt riser is pretty sweet. Are they as quiet as a manufactured ilf bow? How do the mass weight of the risers compare? Would...
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    First I should mention that I don't think I own a recurve anymore. Yea, I have a lot of bows. In addition, I'm just doing this to learn about ILF. With that said, I was looking in Lancaster at some cheap recurve limbs 100 buckish, WW, or Samick. And if there was a reason to fly for Hoyt at...
  16. Warfin' Wall
    Does anyone know if an xi velocity riser can be warfed. I just want to bolt some sage limbs onto it so my wife can shoot. I am trying to get her into archery.
  17. Warfin' Wall
    Ok I got the tillering done on the bow. My nest question is I have bow at 35lbs draw. What is the minimum grains per pound for the bow having 35 lb draw? Is it 6,7,8?
  18. Warfin' Wall
    I am in the process of trying to tune my ilf warfed Martin warthog. I have heard that when tilliering the limb one of the limbs should be on the plus side compared to the other one. Does anyone know which limb should be the plus the bottom or top limb? I shoot three under at present the limbs...
  19. Warfin' Wall
    Hello everyone, I bought an old pro classic compound bow by York from an old co-workers husband the bow works but I'm not really all that interested in compounds and was hoping I could convert to a take down bow.
  20. Warfin' Wall
    I am interested is building up shelf area of my Warfed martin warthog. I would welcome any help in this area. The riser as you know is wood and basically flat. In the IBO rules here is what it says: "Traditional (TRD) The shelf may be built up and the side plate may be built out with a hard...