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  1. Warfin' Wall
    I picked up a Bear Bruin Hunter for a couple of bucks. Does anyone know if the angles are right for WARFing that riser? I'm 100% new to this! Thanks.
  2. Warfin' Wall
    1. Has anyone done this? Is it worth considering, or just get a Dryad 15" riser? a) ILF might effectively "relax" the limb pad angle; is this OK? 2. Mock ILF. Alternatively, I'm thinking of routing slots in the limb butts: from the bolt hole to the end of the limb butt. Then limbs...
  3. Bows
    I'm looking for a Bear Black Bear Warf riser that's ILF ready. I'm not particularly concerned about dings or paint so long as there's no significant damage that would impair its function. This will be for my wife, and she'll be painting it anyway. If you have some inexpensive wood/glass ILF...
  4. TradTalk Main Forum
    For those who have used and shot them which did you like better?? Just trying to figure out a new setup
  5. Bows
    I have a couple Bear Mini Mag warf risers done by Sam. Asking $165 with a grip or 135 w/o. I think I have 2R and 3R grips I will get pics if interested
  6. Warfin' Wall
    So a friend gave me 2 bows he got from an uncle who passed. The first one (a Bear Whitetail 2) I just did a bolt-on conversion using Sage limbs. Shoots great. The other is a Hoyt Mystic Rebel. The limb pockets were the right size but had a weird hump in the middle that make the limb angle...
  7. Bows
    I used to have an old Gamegetter II that Bob Gordon warfed for me back in 2006. Wish I had it back. Don’t suppose that whoever I sold it to is still around here and still has it? Would also be interested in any of the old Hoyt Gamegetter/Spectra/Raider/Rambo risers, warfed or not, and/or plates...
  8. Bows
    I have a nice lefty Rambo warf done by Loc Do. It has the original black paint and is in nice shape. $100 TYD. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Warfin' Wall
    Good day, I have finished my Hoyt Spectra project (see attachment) and I am currently looking for plates to finish a Jennings Black Lightening (I believe Bear Black Bear are the same plates). I had some ordered on eBay, but did not receive them and they are no longer listed. If you have any...
  10. Bows
    Glued in plates. I'm just focusing on my other bows. Kind of a pay it forward, Thanks to everyone on here for all the advice and help I have gotten over the years. I don't post alot but the information has been awesome. Kind of a pay it forward, All you pay is shipping to your door or if you...
  11. TradTalk Main Forum
    I've only known 3 guys doing good WARF riser conversions..... last I knew none of the 3 are still doing conversions. JONHDO, Broadside, and Sam. Tell here if you know of anyone currently taking riser work on? Thanks in advance......
  12. Warfin' Wall
    Hey everybody, I'm new to this forum. I've been shooting compound archery for a couple years and would like to get into traditional archery. I have an old Browning Summit II that my wife bought for me years ago, but never really used. Has anybody "Warfed" one of these? I had never even...
  13. Bows
    Black Bear warf riser with stabilizer and bear weather rest. $110 TYD, you pay pal fees. It shoots great I am just going to focus on the new Dryad I got.
  14. Warfin' Wall
    So didn't really know I needed some bushings to fit the ILF limbs to the stock black bear limb bolts. Got to thinking about all the firearm brass I had laying around and figured 38 spl brass is just about right and has a rim. Cut 2 pieces down to .5" and drilled them out to thread onto the stock...
  15. Bows
    Riser warfed by loc do, have too many and need to let go of some. Riser was stripped, bead blasted and recoat with Brownells Aluma Hyde. Asking $120, includes shipping to continental US and any paypal fees.
1-15 of 500 Results