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    I tried string walking about 48 years ago for a very short time. I would like to try some new forms of archery in my retirement. I found two sources for this. One is a book "The Art of StringWalking : BAREBOW FIELD and 3D ARCHERY". The other is a DVD "Modern Traditional DVD by Ty Pelfry &...
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    Is it ancient? Is it medieval? Is it new World? Where was it born?
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    I have a early 70's Bear Grizley recurve I shoot. I started string walking and have improved my accuracy. Decided to try after watching the Push archery video. My question is am I putting to much stress on my limbs and just asking for a limb failure????
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    Generally speaking, is an even tiller common in BB setup for string walking? Thx~
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    For those that string walk and use the string to eyebrow as a second reference point, what do you do on the longer crawls when the string angle changes and it doesn't touch the eyebrow anymore? I started playing with the eyebrow reference point and noticed that at 20 yards and closer the string...
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    Well... I've been listening to the push podcast and had to give stringwalking a try. All I can say is wow! Being able to sight down the arrow. Substantially improved my shooting at 20 yards. I'm very happy with it and will probably continue. Don't like how loud the bow is, but it's just for...
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    Short Version: Want a quieter barebow with minimal setup. Should I get long limbs &/or mis-match them for indoor to avoid changing limb bolt settings. Long Version: Limb choices for string walking indoors vs outdoors to reduce noise and damage (i.e. mismatched, oversized, technique tips!)...
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    Do static tip recurves have a shorter string length between the limb tips at full draw because the limbs don't uncurl? Would this make them perform like a shorter bow for shooting crawls? Anyone have experience with this, good or bad?
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    Just ran across this tab on ebay. Interesting design.
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    I used to be deadly at 20yds and under but now?... I'm "Consistently" so! :)
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    How good is the AAE Super Flyte wire for string walking? I see it has a bend so two wires run under the arrow which I imagine should make it very strong and stable. Also how well does that metal leaf spring work as a plunger? Can it be made stiffer or softer like a plunger? From looking at it...
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    New barebow shooter here, which Gabriel rest do you recomend for barebow string walking and where does a guy in the USA buy one?
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    Hello! I wanted to ask, if anyone that has shot a wf25, if it has a hump in the shelf, are you still able to attach an elevated rest, and shoot with string walking? Thanks!
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    Can string walking be done on an Oneida bow? I'm seeing a lot of people recently finger shooting Oneidas. They must be popular again due to the Arrow TV show. The people finger shooting them at the range are using a glove and sight. I've asked them about string walking it and I got a look like...
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    So as I headed out the sliding doors today with my Super Mirage in hand?...the adjustment portion of the Arten Oly sight hung on the vertical blinds almost pulling the bow from my I SMH thinking when the hack am I going to shoot Oly anytime soon?...and I also couldn't ignore that the...
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    When I tune a bow I do a walk back tune, starting at 10 yards anchoring at the same point on the string and walking back to get a straight line down the target. (Adjusting the pressure button to achieve the straight line) I have experienced an issue where at longer distances the arrow will...
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    hi guys I shoot a 500gr arrow (200gr) upfront with my 40# @26 inches hoyt excel with tt blackmax limbs and I'm try to string walking but I'm getting point on @10y any advice on string walking heavy arrows? Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
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    Where to begin? It has been a couple of years since I was able to shoot. I live in the Philippines now and finally discovered a place to shoot and was introduced to the Philippine Barebow Archers Association, which I joined. I immediately ordered a DaLaa from 3Rivers along with a quite...
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    Hello everyone, I'm new to the forum and relatively new to the traditional side of archery. I am just learning how to stringwalk and am having contact issues with my face, specifically my nose. I was primarily shooting split finger and mostly instinctive, without string contact. Has anyone...
1-19 of 103 Results