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    I want to change the direction (without diverting the discussion in that thread) of the 1 year bow wait thread and discuss what reasonable time frames would be considered acceptable for different types of bows, and different levels of customization and uniqueness. Supply chains are much faster...
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    I've read about custom bows that takes a year to deliver to a customer. Can somebody educate me on the reasoning behind it? Do they get so many orders they just can't keep up with the demand? Or do they use rare materials which can't be sourced as fast as the demands? For those who have the...
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    I saw a good deal on some CH hex 7s in the Border 2017 limb sale, so I decided to take the plunge and order them (along with a new CH riser). I think I realized a while ago that Border was one of my few options to shoot a trad recurve (wood riser, off the shelf) comfortably (minimal stacking...
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    My mom passed away on my way to the frozen north in Fort Simpson. Got he call while I was driving. She was at our place for the last 2 months of her life so I feel blessed for that. We moved her back to her favourite city Penticton when I got the news I would be offered the Chair of Trades...
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    I have been on the fence for quite some time. I hate not shooting a bow prior to purchase. I have recently made the choice to take the plunge as there is little financial risk. A Covert Hunter holds value well on the forums. I have had many high end custom items built. I have learned from my...
  6. Suggestions and Issues
    I posted on the classified yesterday and got an "awaiting approval message" Should I give it 48 hours? A number of other posts went up, So I kinda figure its gone missing. I haven't seen anyway to contact the moderator, who probably has a day job. I'm just wondering what the proper etiquette...
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    You gotta love the judicial system. The fella that was going to buy my bow before xmas ended up in a lawsuit to save HIS BACON. This druggie had been bugging his sister for months and no help from the law. So my buddy told him to leave her alone period when he was over at her house this fall...
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    My buddy here wants my bow PERIOD.....he loves it so I am going to sell it to him. He doesn't want to take the chance that he won't get the same bow I have to choose woods etc for my new CH.....probably go with the 7.5's just because it's new. I must be NUTS...jer
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    Back in early February, I got a hankering for some of them Dryad ACS limbs in the longbow configuration. I had a pair of the bamboo limbs a couple of years ago, and like an idiot sold them. Won't make that mistake again! Anyhow, I called up Mike and expressed the dire need for some of his best...
  10. Dryad Bows
    How long does it take to get a basic 17" Brown & Grey Actionwood ILF Epic RH Riser? (like the lefty in on the Dryad website) Thanks.
  11. Hunting Camp
    I don't know about you all but I sure can't wait for this weather!
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    Hoping to get it right this year. I'm now due to harvest a deer. Wind direction should not be a problem and trail tracking should be right on. Tree time baby.:shooting:
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    Joining TT sealed my fate on whether or not I'd succumb to the lure of the ILF system. Last weekend I went to a local trad get together, and within 5 minutes of unloading my truck I had sold my backup Sarrel's Blueridge and knew exactly what I was going to do with the $$. On Sunday, I emailed...
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    I have had a certain bowyer make me a couple of bows, real good guy and makes a dang nice bow. Well he accepted an order from me in February for a new NFAA Legal longbow (and IFAA). He said I will have it to you at the beginning of June. Then June rolled around, and he emails that he has a...
  15. Watering Hole
    Going fishing tomorrow with my dad going to do some fly fishing and hit the white bass run on the upper Dix's river!! Going to be so fun! Hope I don't forget my camera.:) Liam
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    All of the 3D ranges have problems with back-ups. Waiting for slow compounders to shoot makes for a bad day. I went to a benefit shoot at one our district ranges today. I guess the good old boys have heard the complaints. They had the land space so they broke the range into 3 - 10 target ranges...
1-16 of 28 Results