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    Sad to say but received the email yesterday Can’t find a link but here’s a copy of my email. Chad The NFAA Foundation has made the decision to change the format for the 2021 Vegas Shoot. The NFAA Foundation has been working diligently to explore alternative formats for the 2021 event. The...
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    Hi, anyone knows the equipment in the picture: 01: Black / Gold riser looks like a W&W, but I never saw one before 02: Mushroom weight on Spiga BB, is it a brand item or custom made ? Thx.
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    I am watching a 2:40 minute video.Hoping this year they show some barebow.
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    I’m starting at 46D today. I will be shooting my yellow Sky Conquest. Stop by and say hi. Good luck to everyone! John “Chip” Heffelfinger
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    Now that Vegas and most of indoor is done for the year, it's time for a change. I'm gonna keep my Gillo G2 riser, but everything else is gonna change. I bought a new Jager "Ball Grip" at their booth in vegas. I like it a lot. On limbs, I've been shooting Galaxy Gold Star carbon/foam limbs at...
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    To everyone shooting have fun and shoot strong. Chad
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    ‘‘Tis the season to see who is going, see some regulars like John D3, John D, Ren, Matt, Gary and Sandy, Calvin, myself, who else. Looking forward to meeting new People and seeing friends agin. See some names missing and hope they are able to make it, Dwane, both Alan E and Alan R. 80...
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    Does anyone know if they are planning to ever have a Championship Division for WA Barebow versus NFAA? I love the WA rules and I do NOT want to use stabilizers on my bow or shoot lumped in with compound barebow. Seems so mish-mashy to me. As a result, I signed up for Flights at Vegas Shoot 2019...
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    I have been looking online, but can't find out who won barebow. Anyone know? Thanks
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    All my friends and tradtalkers going to Vegas. Shoot strong and have a great time. I’m there in spirit lol. Chad.
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    I find it rather interesting how Vegas chooses to add classes and not to add classes. Last year there was 1 Crossbow class with 6 competitors with prize money going to 2 of the, or the top 33% The barebow class that had more recurve shooters than compound shooters had 78 that competed and had...
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    Who's going? I'll be there Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
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    As someone who has shot neither I wonder why barebow shooters would choose Vegas over Lancaster. OK, I get it, it's Vegas, party town, but from a strictly archery and barebow promoting point of view it seems a no brainer. Every story I read tells of how the NFAA and Vegas crap on barebow recurve...
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    It’s that time of year curious as to who’s going. I have my room reservations made, but things have changed since then and not going to make it unfortunately. I’ll miss my friends that do go to this shoot. Chad
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    Did not have much time to shoot this evening, but I was thrilled with the quality. I have my rig set up for Vegas in February. Best Moon Riser, Trad Tech Extreme BF carbon foam limbs #35, BCY string made by Rod Jenkins, Easton ACE long rod and V-bars, Carbon Express CXL 150 arrows. Shot three...
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    Ok just received my email with current changes. Barebow = Dunes, thinking it's classifying like they did last year with color or a flower. Friday shoot time 12:30, Saturday 10:00, odd the past years it's been early morning line. I hope Sunday is an early line due to flight. Over 3,400...
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    Can a BH archery shoot in Vegas walking the string?
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    Ok ladies and gentlemen, registration for Vegas is now open. All the dress codes and bs aside who's going? Championship $300, flights $175 Glad they didn't up the price. Chad
1-19 of 71 Results