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    Hey Guys, I've always shot 4 inch feathers from my centerest flipper on my recurve. I picked up half a dozen Easton arrows that came with Bully Vanes. I have a bare shaft flying great and it seems like the 2 inch vane is doing much better than I thought it would. It's grouping with the bare...
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    I tried some 4" Trad Vanes from on ( Goldtip entradas) arrows being shot off a NAP center rest on my ILF indoor target bow, pretty impressed. Have many of you switched from feathers to all trad vanes ?
  3. TradTalk Main Forum
    I'm new here as a Sponsor, and my reply to another post made me realize that I hadn't said much about some of our products. in particular what made me take on creating my own business. What started me on this venture was my new take on arrow vanes. Had something of an "epiphany". We know that...
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    Anyone used these vane ,better yet mounted them. Question does the curl on left wing vane curl left as viewed from the nock end? Instructions are OK but do not address the orientation of the vane and all pics that I have found have tape wrapped around the leading and trailing ends. It looks like...
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    This question is NOT about what is better. It IS about how to apply them to the arrow, as I know very little about such vanes. Are Spin Wings, and other such type of vanes applied straight or offset? Due to the material, and/or shape, and/or application method, does one even have the choice?
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    Hi, Been lurking for a while, and have received a lot of help from this forum! I've searched here and elsewhere, and can't find any info... I know (from reading posts here) that elevated rests were popular as early as the 50's and 60's. I also know that feather rests were (probably) the...
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    I just started using a springy rest and really like it. Feather wear is not so good, I was wondering if vanes can be shoot with a springy if so do they have to be the softer type or more like the Blazer type material?
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    I am looking to try the XS vanes and I see that they are offered in left wing and right wing and I am wondering why. It makes sense that feathers are offered in left and right wing because a turkey has a left wing and a right wing and suppliers want to sell more feathers by using both wings. Don
  9. TradTalk Main Forum
    Hey all, I have used feathers since I got into TRAD archery. I am seeing some of these ads for vanes that talk about how great they are and how well they work on modern ILF rigs and so forth. I was looking around the Lancaster page for some heavy points when I came across the vanes. I can't...
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    Other than weather reasons are there any reason to vanes? Reason I'm asking is I have not had a good flying arrow sine I started shooting vanes. Never had a problem shooting feathers. Specs. 34# at my 28"draw. GT Ultra light 700s cut to 29" 125gr points 2.8 Easton diamonds vanes Spit.ZT rest...
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    Hi everyone, so I've been bitten by the longbow bug of late and considering I live in Perth Western Australia a place not famous for it's rain fall we've been having quite a bit and usually on a Sunday our club shooting day. Now I don't dislike many thing's in archery but shooting wet feather's...
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    Hey all, I've got 2 recurves, and ILF Morrison and a Bear Grizzly and 2 longbows, 1 Hill style. I'd like to try some vanes. The problem is that when I go thru the Lancaster catalog there are about 2 million different choices to pick from. So, I'd mainly like to shoot vanes on my Morrison ILF...
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    Who would upset the ying n yang by shooting Vanes at IBOTrad World? Think I ve only ever seen one guy ? Why would you?
  14. TradTalk Main Forum
    17 inch DAS risers and using a springy rest. They hit with both a 25 and a 30 oz. springs. I have tried orientation and they hit worse than just cock out and hen down at a typical angle. I am totally sick of feathers by now in my Bowhunting life and want to go springys and vanes on everything...
  15. TradTalk Main Forum
    I think I will make the switch to vanes. Vabowdog told me to try Bohning Impulse, specially made for trad bows. Would you guys reccomend 3 or 4 inch? I will be shooting them both 3d as well as for hunting. I would rather have the 3 inch, but Vabowdog said that for broadheads I would be better of...
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    Won't vanes cause your arrow to act stiffer? And, if so, is it enought so that the POI will be significantly different from the same arrows with feathers?
  17. TradTalk Main Forum
    Hey all, I have a LB, a 71 Bear Grizzly and a TD Morrison recurve riser that will be complete this weekend. I redone some of my arrows and got rid of most of my feathers I had sitting around. Now I'd like to try out some vanes. I've only shot vanes a couple times over the last couple years...
  18. TradTalk Main Forum
    I know several of you have followed my posts about my use of turbonocks. This is just an FYI for those who are using them, and it may be a little long winded. When I was shooting the Excel riser, I was able to shoot with vanes & the tubonocks off the modified shelf no problem. I was able to do...
  19. TradTalk Main Forum
    I had read that using plastic vanes in trad shooting, particularly off the shelf, will not give good results. Prior to knowing this I purchased some Carbon Express Rebel 4560s from Walmart and had been shooting them with fairly decent results ( second round of the day below, from 20 yards). Is...
  20. TradTalk Main Forum
    I've been doing some experimenting lately with my new Sage recurve. It's the 1st traditional style bow I've owned or shot since I was a young kid and my dad gave me his old fiberglass Fred Bear Polar Bear. 😊 It is 35# @ 28" (which is also my draw length). I purchased 2 Beman Centershot arrows (a...
1-20 of 116 Results