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    I have a set of SF Ultimate Pro limbs 34# 68" on a 25" riser. Very clean some light marking around the limb pads and tips. $250.00 tyd in lower continental US.
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    Here is a video shot on my airboat showing what my idea of the ultimate Bowfishing setup is. I started with a Trad Tech Titan and a set of Border Archery Hex 7 Ilf limbs and added a MegaMouth reel. The string is from Chad at Champion Bowstrings. Rest from Dan Decker DDD Use this link to view...
  3. Watering Hole Now in single to 4 seaters. Looks like it would be a blast to drive.
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    my question is this. Has anyone done any speed tests with same pounds & length limbs, one versus the other, same riser, same day, same arrows? Just a basic test.......shoot one set ? 20 times through (ok PAST) the chronograph.......switch limbs, repeat......record the 40 speeds & review. I kept...
  5. Watering Hole
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    I own a set of SF Ultimate Pro's and am thinking about picking up a set of Inno Ex Power's, but I am not sure what the difference is? Anybody have any idea?
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    Don't think I'd ever try this out, just thought it was interesting...
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    I have a set of Sf ultimate pro limbs 34# . I have shot less than 50 arrow from these limbs. Paid $257.00 plus shipping. I would like to get $250.00 to your door. Bottomed out on my riser, these limbs went to 39#.
  9. Watering Hole
    A little something I wrote back in the 90's. Take it with a grain of salt ;-) The Ultimate Outdoor Fabric? By Dana Charbonneau What to wear, what to wear. As an outdoorsman I'm in a quandary. I need clothing that is warm, comfortable, wind and water resistant. As someone concerned with the...
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    Got two sets of these from stevelong and installed them as per video. Bow is REAL quiet. I have tried cat whiskers, wool yarn and synthetic yarn. Whilst all these helped I still had that sound of the string hitting the curves on the limb tips. With the Dynapuffs this sound is gone, don"t know...
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    A lot of us on here use the SF Ultimate Pro limbs. They've won multiple world 3D titles, world field titles, national field titles and countless indoor and regional titles and are accepted as being one of the best limbs made. Fast, forgiving, accurate and cost effective, a tough combo to beat...
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    Thinking of picking up a pair of these in 42Lb anyone know what the weight gain would be on a 17 inch titan riser? Thx Brian
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    SF ultimate pros just arrived haha like a kid in a candy store. My girlfriends christmas gift to me gotta love her.
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    Attribute my leaving to good ole Bowcephalus and Larry Hatfield,,
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    What is the difference in performance between Winex and SF Ultimate Pro limbs. I like my Winex, but with all things even e.g. length & weight, is there much of a difference between the two limbs? A lot of people are raving about the Ultimate Pros of late, and aside from the price difference is...
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    I'm back in the ILF game boys. Beginning of the year I had sold all my ILF gear (impressed as I was by the Hex5h's that I had). It got to fiddly for me. I couldn't resist constantly adjusting. Well in the meantime I've learned a few things and I can have more restraint this time when it...
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    my altservice sf came in. medium 28#. put with carbon express x-buster .700. 28&1/4" tuned perfect. x-buster is carbon express arrow that covers the tougher use indoor arrows get. little heaver and Al collor for nock. really nice limbs. tuned very accurately with the x-busters
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    I bought a set of these limbs. VERY nice limb. A little louder than I expected, but I haven't really figured out a tune yet. I'm seeking advice from anyone who has a set. What BH do they like in your setup?. Thanks, Bob
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    Alt Archery has a good price on the SF Ultimate Pro limbs.
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    What do you think would be the ultimate bow setup for NFAA Trad? Since they now allow a stabilizer, rest and plunger what riser would you choose if money was no option? Then again, what would work well without breaking the bank? Opionions please.