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  1. Bows
    Bought new in summer of 2019, used to shoot for fun in my driveway, took on 2 sits for hogs and threw it in my bag on travel for work so I could shoot away from home. Nothing wrong with it. Just shoot my 66" bows more (6'6" guy so the 62" just a little too small for me). TYD 700$ (Venmo...
  2. Bows
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  3. Bows
    a nice set of W&W NS foam ILF limbs, 38/68. 400 TYD
  4. Bows
    For sale is a nice set of WNS carbon / wood limbs, #26 on a 25” riser. I bought these for rehab after shoulder surgery so they’ve seen very little use. Excellent condition with only minor scratches. More pix on request. $100 TYD, CONUS / PayPal only. Will split the fee.
  5. Bows
    For sale is my trusty 19" Titan III riser. Good condition with medium wood grip and two internal weights. Paint has worn off behind the sideplate and on the front corner of the shelf. I’ve touched it up so it’s not visible, just wanted to disclose that it has some minor paint wear. This riser...
1-5 of 33 Results