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    They must have posted late last nite. Here are some
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    Some guys and gals really layed down some Nuke Rounds during this shoot! Looks like last years Trad World #2 Recurve dropped a 400+. Fawn dropped a big number as well as well as Sherry M. Bobby W. got edged out in RU I am Purdy sure by Don M. but there were several 400+ scores shot. Self Bow...
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    Just a couple more days until the Classic starts. Campers already there. Come early this Thursday and stay late Sunday. Thinkin they make crack 1000 shooters if weather holds clear. Have like 42 vendors going to come peddle wares. One of the nicer venues in all of outdoor 3d. Come and bring a...
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    I'm still toying with the idea of going to Twin Oaks for the Trad Worlds again this year. If i do I will pull my trailer down there so has anyone camped there before? Is there access to electricity or water anywhere? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I was in Flagstaff a few weeks ago picking up my son for the summer and ran across this interesting landmark at an abandoned indian trading post. Not much to see at the trading post, but I couldn't resist the photo op. We had a great time camping in Flagstaff, visiting the Grand Canyon, Meteor...
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    Big day at Twin Oaks Bowhunters today. 6 bucks were killed by lunch and another 9-pointer is down but we're giving him some time. I saw two but no shot. I had a choice between two stands on a farm I hunt. I chose one and got no shot. On the way out I checked my camera at the other stand and at...
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    Check out the new Twin Oaks Bowhunters new website.
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    Just wanted to let you guys know last Thursday my father passed away as I was making my way to Twin oaks for the IBO Traditional World Championships....headed home to be with family got thru the toughest 4 days of my entire life with funeral planning,trying to keep mom held together the emotions...
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    Just got back from shooting the IBO Worlds at Twin Oaks. It was hot and humid and the courses were great. We camped and shot longbow all weekend, can it get any better? The club there did a great job. Special thanks to Pappy and his crew. See the link below to look at a slide show of our...
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    Well, the first day of shooting should be coming to a close. How about an update! Who are the front runners! Eagerly awaiting the news! Don
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    Targets have been moved out onto the course for the Hunter Challenge. It was 99 degrees F today and we expect 100 on Thr. Should be really nice for you Canadians. ;-)
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    I know the trad worlds is still a ways away but as its a long trip for us I am starting to look into it already. I know there are plenty of guys on here who have shot there before so I just wanted a heads up on the best places to stay. The wife doesn't camp so the tent is out, I need a...
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    Crank up the volume and enjoy.
1-19 of 22 Results