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    In years past whenever I got arrows for a bow the first thing I did was cut them 1" longer than my draw. I tried to make them work with std insert, points etc. I never was " really good" with a recurve but just ok and I eventually went to compounds. A few months ago my interest in recuve...
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    This is unlikely to be of interest to many, but there may be guys like me out there. I like shooting arrows, but resisted fine tuning. I used to paper tune. I hated the process, liked the visual aspect of it though. Too annoying to do often though- I had to set up paper and go through item...
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    I want to get deeper into tuning my arrows beyond just looking up the recommended spine for the bow. I have been "at it" for about 5 months not. Thousands of arrow. Lots of reading here. Lot's of YouTube videos. Lot's of practice sessions dedicated to specific parts of the shot sequence and...
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    Is there a unified theory? If not, are there any strong more specific theories?
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    New bow, less than a week and cant get it figured out. WF19 riser with Border Hex 6-H short limbs. Backed out 6 rounds makes 44#. Maxed out hits 48#. I have it set at 45#. Shooting off the shelf. Flemish 8125G string. Full length GT TradXT 600 spine arrows. I draw 27.5" The ISSUE is a wide left...
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    Here are the steps I take when setting up a new bow. First if it is adjustable I set center shot with the arrow just to the left of center. I also make sure the limbs are straight and tracking down the center. I shoot 3 under so I set my tiller even. I have lots of arrows on hand, so I...
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    So?...I have been holding off on working with my new Hawk Longbow (waiting on some new strings I feel will be better suited) but?...I just couldn't leave it hanging there any longer and was dying to shoot it some more and play with arrow configs and point weight where I found myself disbelieving...
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    Where can I purchase this item? Im looking on Pat Norris Archery and they do not have one there. It looks similar to the springy adjustable but it has a side plate.
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    Prior to today I would have told you I had a great tune with some 400 axis arrows. I had 175 grain up front. Today I put 350 grain up front on some hex 400's and turned the plunger a few clicks. The hex are shooting much better even though both arrows show "good" bareshaft. Can anyone explain...
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    Here's a question. Going from an arrow that is say 8.1 GPI to an arrow that is 10.2 GPI... All else being equal, the heavier arrow obviously being slower... Will this affect tune as in spine? Will the heavier arrow act stiffer? Sent from my LG-D959 using Tapatalk
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    I hear there's a lot of shooters that don't bareshaft tune. Do they just go by arrow flight and switch point weight then decide?
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    so do you have to? what if your fieldpoints are flying really good without bareshaft tuning?
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    Here is the deal: Bareshafts grouping well at zero crawl but groups left of aim. Bareshafts weak at 20m crawl but arrows grouping on center. Arrow is just barely outside center. Tried stiff spring with little preload and weak spring with lots, same result. Grant
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    Here is a brief video on Bare Shaft Tuning I state right in the beginning of the video that there are many ways to skin a cat and that this is a system that works for me and allows me to target certain weight heads By no means is this the only way to do it...........but I have had great...
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    I'm shooting 60# @28" . 28" DL . I recently switched to axis .400s . 29.75" 50 grain inserts 125 grain tips , x knocks and 4 fletch , 5" feathers . I'm liking how they fly and how they bare shaft at 20 yards. I want to start scoring for the 12 ends of 5 arrows and want to foot both ends of arrow...
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    Monday I was tuning my setup for Field/3D, back on the CV limbs and CT Cheetahs 525 spine, the CV's 38# OTF and showing slightly weak so switched the 105g Tophat points and 20g inserts for the 100g glue in points, they bareshafted ok and brought the total arrow down to just under 290g. Doing...
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    Hello everyone, I recently received a new TT titan ll 17" riser. It has SF Premium carbon foam limbs, 50lbs at 28". Brace height is 8-1/8". Its tillered for 3 under. The nock point is 5/8" high. I'm shooting a gold tip .400 hunter 29" from nock groove to back of point, regular insert and a 145...
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    I usually don't use a bump when shooting off the shelf. I have been tuning some woodies off my new 19" epic. It has a very nice arch to the shelf and shoots nicely. I had some motion on my woodies I could not get rid of. Finally I decided to put a match stick at the top of the shelf's arch...
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    I was helping a club member tune his new arrows, after we got the basic bareshaft tune we used the drop method to figure out the fine plunger tune. My Vanquish/CV limb set shows me just how great a WA3D setup it really is (33y max) on my 10y crawl walkback from 10 to 35y I very very little drop...
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1-20 of 69 Results