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    Bowmania, his arrows keep landing too far to the right. Spine too weak, or other problems? :jk:
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    What can I expect to happen to my arrow trajectory if I: 1. Lengthen my brace height by 1/2" 2. Change tiller by 1/8" either positive, or negative. Nothing drastic!
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    Sorry folks...didn't do a great job of demonstrating what I set out to show folks here which is?...well?'s what I put in the "Comment" box... The purpose of me videoing this was an attempt to demonstrate how the big hook "Super Recurve" limbs of my 60"/45# Borders Hex7 Covert Hunter...
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    Take forgiveness, shootability out of the equation. What's easier to shoot a bow that propels an arrow at 150 feet per second or 200 feet a second? I think most responses are going to be the 200 footer. (Instinctive shooters don't need to reply because of the following) IF that's your answer...
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    Down range cast. Easton trajectory tables.
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    I'm not sure I'm understanding arrow trajectory. Currently, I'm shooting at 8-10 yards, and I do have to aim below the target to hit it. Can someone explain the trajectories in relation to distance?
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    Thought this would dovetail nicely with Robert's poll. It was about a decade ago that I drifted over here because I found more folks talking sense about such things as trajectory and unmarked ranges!
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    I know about Stu's Calc. But is there a way to check trajectory? I would be interested in general trajectory as well as comparing trajectories when I change arrow weight. Or even a ballpark method, for example, for xx grains weight added, you lose yy inches at 20 yards.
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    Have any of you guys experimented with longer range trajectory difference between feathers and vanes with all else being the same. I know when I used to shoot compounds at 65 to 80 yds there was a pretty big vertical impact difference. Vanes had less drag so they impacted 12 to 16" higher at 65...
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    I am setting up 2 bows, the first is a 71#@28 inches and the 2nd is [email protected] If I shoot 9.1 GPP arrows form both i.e. 646 from no. 1 and 501 from 2, will the trajectory of the arrow be the same from both? It would seem so to me, with the differance coming in penitration instead of speed or...
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    Rod Jenkins made a comment that made a lot sense on another thread. He said he wanted a flat trajectory out of his long bow for 3D target work. that makes sense.........except..... I have always gone the other way (of course ya ain't seen my name at the top of any national championships) I...
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    Do you guys have an ideal formula for your bows and arrows for your style of gap @ bow shooting. Do you guys prefer lighter or heavier arrows? I understand that lighter arrows will increase your point on distance and I do understand that the gaps at the different yardages become smaller. I...
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    Been a longtime LW and TG member but just found this site before Christmas. What a wealth of information here for those of us that may fall just outside of the "Tradosphere." Anyway, I have been reading quite a few posts regarding aluminum arrow size and trajectory and I am curious about a...
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    Last evening I was trying to get a better understanding of arrow trajectory now that I've settled into a 45-50# hunting weight. After hunting/shooting "instinctively" for 20 long years and not really caring all that much about trajectory past 20 yards, I've been looking into this. So, I was out...
1-14 of 14 Results