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  1. Camera Land
    Over the years, which trail cam has worked the best for you? Looking to get another camera or 2, so I'm looking for suggestions. A camera that will last a long time is the most important factor to me.
  2. Camera Land
    I used many hunting trail camera during the hunting season and it seems that every year they get more complicated and eat more batteries. I like the best cameras for darkening that are not due to the spooking game, but to take pictures of people who should not be in my land and do not know that...
  3. Camera Land
    Hawke Trail Camera Sale Selectable resolution for photos and video Infrared LEDs to capture images and videos at night Display screen to edit settings in the field Wide angle PIR sensor (motion detector) Burst, time-lapse, time delay and duty time modes Date, time, temperature and moon phase...
  4. Trail Cams
    takes really good night time pictures. What would you guys recommend Is infrared the way to go or not Thanks guys
  5. TradTalk Main Forum
    The end of this trail and with no regrets. See y'all (much) later . . . 🏹 John
  6. Trail Cams
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  7. TradTalk Main Forum
    I somehow got inspired to scribble out this twisted thread today. I lost an old friend of my Dad's last night, he had heart problems....... so, it seems appropriate for me to do THIS THREAD......dunno why. Not crying, here, Bob was a good Christian man, so all I can say is - - GOOD. I'm not THAT...
  8. Trail Cams
    What do you guys use I am looking to set up some cams this year....many trails here so I would like to play around a bit. Electronic calls (remote even) for yotes (never used them before, but thought it might be interesting to try one out.....thank jer
  9. Trail Cams
    Cheap and easy to build trail cam mount - Since I've had the plastic loops for the strap torn off a few cameras, this looks like an ideal replacement, with the added feature of easy adjustment.
  10. Trail Cams
    heard a bull bugle this morning while riding a brush pasture. rode in that direction and saw this goober. the drought has driven them down the creeks from the hills.
  11. Trail Cams
    Looking for a good inexpensive trail camera. I am a complete newbe to trail cam and need a simple to use but effective rig. I will use it mainly to see what is happening on an elk spring. This is public land and the chances of this camera being stolen are there - hence not wanting to spend a lot...
  12. Trail Cams
    hello all, Has anyone tried one of those wifi trail cams that sends photos to your phone. The concept sound intriguing. I'd like to get one just for experimenting.
  13. Trail Cams
    My first trail camera, thanks Dave Holquist for advice.
  14. TradTalk Main Forum
    I've had my new Titan and medium SF premium limbs for 3 weeks now. Got me a 60" 33lb @28" bow I draw to 29". I could wind it up to 35-36lb but I can't be bothered When I picked up the limbs the shop only had B50 strings so for the first time in many years I set a bow up with Dacron. With only a...
  15. TradTalk Main Forum
    guys this may be the wrong place for this but...this is my best trail cam pic ever...may go with the post are slower arrows more accurate.Check out the top deer right behind the shoulder...I shoot white and yellow fletch with yellow nocks...I couldnt believe this when I saw it...the deer havent...
  16. Trail Cams
    best buddy is supposed to leave today for his draw hunt at Catoosa WMA. 4 point to a side or better muzzle loader hunt. yesterday afternoon, he rushed home from work to load his gear, then checked a new camera he has literally behind his house to see if his local 5 pointer was still hanging...
  17. Trail Cams
    hi there - Looking for a trail cam. Which one is around the $100. mark that is good solid quality. Plenty of rain for it to contend with. thanks
  18. Suggestions and Issues
    Last post! John
  19. Trail Cams
    or maybe even a zero level class - I know nothing about trail cams but would really like to set one out on an elk water hole and see what happens. What I would like to find out (without buying several first) is what to look for in a camera. What brands/models seem to work best. And what do you...
1-19 of 40 Results