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    Guess it was the weekend for tournaments.
  2. 3D shooting
    IBO New England Traditional Fun Shoot in May
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    . . . Traditional Setup (with a capital “T”) Bow: 55 pounds @ 28” Water buffalo horn bow composite Urushi finish Arrows : Shafts bamboo Points patternwelded Courtesy : Jaap Koppedrayer (the Master bowyer) –––––––––––– Any question ? regards, John
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    I am thinking of buying av recurve for hunting and field shooting. How much diffrence in speed is it between a traditional bow (for example Samick Sage) and a modern ilf recurve (for example Hoyt satori with Uhhka limbs) with same lenght (60"-62") and strenght (45#-50#)? //Peter
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    Hey everyone! Check out Episode 40 of The Push Podcast. In this episode we talk about controlled shot processes on game animals using Matt's recent successes and failures in the field. We are also joined by first year traditional bowhunter Ryan Vero to discuss his traditional archery journey...
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    I shot a recurve as a kid before moving on to compounds. My brother has been shooting trad bows for several years now, and I want to get in on the fun too. Shooting the recurve well as a kid always eluded me, and I've wanted to revisit it since then to see if I can learn to do it well. I've...
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    My first riser was ILF. And all my risers since have been ILF. It's great. I can buy and sell and trade limbs endlessly for all sorts of 'change.' But part of me has been thinking it would be really nice to just shoot an old traditional recurve off the shelf. String it up and shoot. No...
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    Ever wanted to shoot a York or Clout round with a stickbow? Long distances and lots of fun! Come join us for a target tournament like it was done in a simpler time! Registration closes Aug. 16. All info here:
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    I am fairly new to traditional archery. Started about a year ago. And this shoot in McAlester OK. Was my first event to attend. What a great time we had. My brother, my son, and I made the 2 hour journey. We did not shoot well enough to make it into the shoot off. But we had great time. Had...
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    Thought I would let people know about the Wapiti Bowmen-Lebanon Or. Safari. If you shoot BH, BB or Traditional, this shoot is a great way to meet others and also some of the best finger and non-sighted archers in the West. I am including a link and I hope it works. If we can get a head count...
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    Just a reminder that registration is open. Early registration through July 31. Late registration from Aug. 1-15. Registration closes Aug. 15. Come experience target archery as it was before the advent of modern equipment! Traditional Longbow Modern Longbow Traditional Recurve Traditional...
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    The GT traditional 340's I shoot are 5/16 diameter and 10.5 grains per inch. 3 rivers archery offers a GT traditional classic 340, that has a 9/32" diameter, 12.1 grains per inch, and an 80 grain insert. Would the smaller diameter and heavier arrow make the Classic a better penetrating arrow?
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    Hi, first off sorry for the long post, I have many questions to ask. I have been bow hunting with a compound bow for 14 years now and I am ready to take the plunge into traditional archery. About 4 years ago I bought a custom made 30# flat bow from kees longbows just to mess around with but I...
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    The Traditional World Championship at Twin Oaks is less than a month away. I’ll be there, but I haven’t made up my mind yet whether I’ll be shooting Modern Longbow or Recurve. Who else is going? Be blessed. Toby
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    FYI Decided to pick up a chrongraph and play around checking speeds of various bows this was done using a caldwell chrongraph from cabelas. Could not weigh the carbon arrow so I went by what it said on the shaft and tip weight , arrow was about 300 grains with a 100 grain field point , so...
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    Registration is now open for the 21st annual national Traditional Target Archery Championships. Bring your stickbows and come join us for the challenge of the long distance target rounds! We are in Albuquerque this year. Traditional Recurve Traditional Longbow Modern Longbow Traditional...
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    Rainbow Bowmen Traditional Archery Weekend May 26th - 28th. Free primitive camping. Shoot fees, $10 per day or $25 for all weekend. Address is 1205 Baker Road, Franklin PA 16323
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    I hope that the news I received on the internet is not correct. I received a notification that one of my old staples, "traditional bowhunter" was going to be available on in a digital format. can anybody verify? :(
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    Flyer for this years shoot
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    I live near to Verdugo Hills Archers so was planning on stopping by probably this Friday afternoon or Saturday maybe -- never have shot 3D so I won't be competing but wanted to at least see what the event is like. Wondering if anyone will be there from this forum? Thanks.