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    I think I'm getting addicted to archery (traditional in particular) after almost 2 months trying to learn it. And I'm now set on getting a step-up from my current Samick Discovery. I also want to learn to shoot off the shelf whatever it takes. I'm currently torn between the Hoyt Satori (21")...
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    This Saturday, June 1, the Golden Hawks Archery Club will hold the second annual Roger Smith memorial trad shoot. For those of you who remember Roger and can make it, please join us in celebration of the life of our friend, Roger. You can find Golden Hawks on Facebook. Thanks. Bill
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    Got a new Dz trad only arrows - they shoot really well - Just wondering if anyone shoots these arrows and how you like them -
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    Hi, everyone - Registration is open for the 23rd annual Traditional Target Championships. Try your stickbow at the LONG distances! trad (wood) recurves, longbows, horsebows All info is here: Come join us! Joan
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    Would like to announce and invite ANYONE and EVERYONE to come to our outdoor Traditional Only 3D shoot on May 19th. The shoot will be held at the East Central Illinois Archers club grounds and will feature a 30 target 3D course set up with Rinehart and McKenzie targets. We will also have several...
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    Got a new bow this week. It is a Mariner Han Wind 1 50#@33" Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    First a little about me...50 year old cop with a wife, 2 kids, a grandson and a love of single malt scotch...have been an avid hunter, flyfisherman and general outdoorsy type all my life. Live in Beautiful British Columbia, Canada. I shot a compound 25+ years ago but when the kids came along...
  8. TradTalk Main Forum Man they are making some sweet 19 and 23" ILF wood risers. Curious if anyone has shot one. I saw on facebook guys have ordered them and they are about 12 weeks out.
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    What are the pros and cons of pin nocks? Are they suitable for heavy hunting arrows? I've always shot Easton Classic or Legacy aluminum arrows, but now that there are reasonably straight carbon arrows with enough GPI to make good heavy hunting arrows, I'm starting to play around with carbons...
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    Hi guys, I have a question about bowstring for traditional bow, i have heard that BCY B55 and Brownell B50 are good for tradbow and made from dacron. What i wanna ask is what is the different between that two strings and what is the best... B55 or B50 Thanks
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    What, if any, do you see as the differences between those two very common descriptions? These seem like very different concepts to me but are also used interchangeably by many. When I think "traditional" I think all wood bow, no glass, preferably wood arrows [ but maybe not necessarily ]. When...
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    Time again for all you stickbow shooters who like the long distances to test your skill! Legacy target shooting from NAA tournament days. All info here:
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    Hey everyone! Check out Episode 70 of The Push Podcast. Imagine yourself as a Dyed In The Wool Traditional Bowhunter who's passion lies in wooden recurves and longbows... (hard to imagine right? Haha 😉) - Now imagine that you decide to dabble in competitive Barebow archery for a few...
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    Hi there, just new to the forum and wondering why everyone chose traditional archery. Thanks.
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    Hi, everyone - Information and registration is open for our outdoor tournament. August 18-19 in Albuquerque. Long distances with your stickbow! Everything is here: Come join us - and spread the word!
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    I want to shoot Traditional Recurve class PSAA. What type of recurve is normaly used for this. I have a Fox Maverick 60" and a W&W Black wolf with Border Hex 7.5 or do I need a tatget type bow 25" riser and all of that?
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    I have a NM Ramer 64" [email protected] and a JD Berry Misty Dawn 68" [email protected]". Is thje anyone out there that shoots or has shot the Traditional Longbow class in field archery. would any of these bows work good for that class or is a "special " one like a Fox triple Crown. I never shot Field archery before so...
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    I am working on my 2018 calendar and am wondering whether there will be an IBO West Coast Traditional Championship this year? The IBO website only shows East Coast and Mid America. Hopefully, Mike Rash or his son will pick this up and let us know.
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    I see the IBO Mid-America Traditional Championship is going to be held April 13-15, 2018 in Noblesville, IN. Wondering.... does this shoot follow the same format as the Traditional World shoot? If not, what's the difference, and who's planning on going?
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    Feb. 16-18, 2018 Fort Lauderdale Archers will be hosting the East Coast Champ. Flyer at $1350 cash in shootdown awards. It was an excellent tournament last year, great weather, great people. Bill Coulter is the contact for info #954-292-4310. See under...