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    I am new and interested in traditional archery. If you guys could answer a few questions for me maybe it would point me in the correct direction. Which would be a better starter? Recurve or Longbow Is there any special precautions to take when storing either of the two? Any general input...
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    I saw this video in 3 River's catalog and I am thinking of ordering it. Have any of you seen this and if so is it any good? I don't mind spending the $20 if it has good info that will help me with my shooting but I hate to throw $20 away if its not any good. Thanks in advance, Ray
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    Robert and this site have been bad for me. They keep getting me into new hobbies that take up more time. I'm not exactly sure how but Robert recently talked me into learning to shave with a good old fashioned straight edge razor. He even fixed me up with a good shaving razor or two and some...
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    Just because my wife is sick and I have to watch my two boys instead of going Elk hunting tomorrow morning...and we might get snow...grrrr... ...thought I'd mess with you guys a little... [/IMG]
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    There will be an all Traditional shoot at the Walden Sportsmans Club on Labor day. The club is located in the Hudson Valley of New York Between the towns of Walden and Pine Bush. Hope to see some of you there. We had a great time last year.
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    This one is sure to be a big seller. It covers all the important basics.
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    Any family get together at my place always includes shooting.....sometimes we get the .22's out and learn form...most times we get the bow out and work on Heres a couple pics of my 7 yo Granddaughter, Karlie
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    I debated putting this on the Watering Hole but it is archery related so here goes. Walked out in the 100 degree weather (yea, we're on the tail end of a cool spell but it's heating up - LOL) to get the mail and found a RedHead Archery Catalog from Bass Pro Shops, along with the bills and...
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    To stop a rumor that was being heard a CLOVERDALE OSTA has not split we have 122 family memberships for this year after only one shoot and last year we ended with 148 along with this and the passage of a free membership for any first time member who buys a bow new or used from an Ohio archery...
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    The "Compton" is one a week or two away. June 17,18,19. Though I live about 15 miles away I'll be hauling my camper in---hopefully the evening of the 16th if they'll let me. Dave is bust'n his hump to get the DASbow to me and one of the other guys in time to have it there. I hope I can show...
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    Went to the Iowa Traditional Bowhunters Society Rondy this last weekend. It was a great place to be. I think there are 50 3D targets and some even set at good distances (challenging). It was a fun shoot (no score cards) but got to shoot it with old friends from years (15-20 years ago) and your...
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    TRADITIONAL ARCHERS 3D SHOOT Come Help The TiYogi Bowmen Celebrate Thier 50th Year!!! Sat. July 9th,8am-3pm,at the TiYogi Bowmen Club House in Hyde Park NY. 3 Shooting Classes:Adult, Youth 10yrs.-17yrs., Cubs under 10 yrs. Trophies will be awarded for 1st,2nd,3rd,place in each class...
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    Just thought I would put up link to temp site old one is being up graded if any of oyou were coming thru Ohio to stop by. that site has a schedule and maps :shooting: Snydley
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    Monday was my league night and I went. But I really had no buisness going. I was sick and jittery. I couldn't focus. I knew before I went that I shouldn't go. But I had missed the week before and I didn't want my average to be hurt. So I went anyway. Big mistake, it would have been better for my...
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    The GEORGIA TRADITIONAL STATE CHAMPIONSHIP is being held in Meansville, GA on MARCH 18-20 For Directions and information call me at 770-319-5337 (work) 770-235-2325 (cell) or e-mail me at [email protected]
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    I am speaking about speed 1 (arrow velocity) and speed 2 (how fast you get this thing start to fly. The tinkering I saw until compound archers need until the arrow is released always puzzles me. There will be differences, I admit. There are so many checks and controls to be made that a lot of...