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  1. Bows
    Discovery R3 Foam Core Limbs ILF Longs - 62" on 17" Riser 50# Draw Weight on 17" Riser $100 TYD or trade for limbs with a lighter draw weight. From Manufacturer: The Samick R3 limb is constructed of a foam core, paired with a carbon lamination, and sandwiched between black fiberglass to...
    $100 USD
  2. Bows
    Selling a Great Plains 2-Piece Longbow. 60" 40# @ 28" Red River Grey Color Scheme. Less than a year old and in outstanding condition. Willing to trade for CD Archery Riser. Originally purchased for over $1,100 Text Tradarcher420 @ (52O) 73O-76IO From the Manufacturer: Smoothest shooting...
    $700 USD
  3. Bows
    I have a Gamemaster 2 that’s RH #[email protected] with short limbs. Both riser and limbs are camo w/ wood handle. Pretty sweet bow.. used as my hunting rig. If anyone has any questions or want more specific pictures let me know! Will come with carry case, original string along with string that’s currently...
  4. Bows
    SOLD Hi All, I have multiple sets of Border super recurve limbs, so I'm selling one set that is a little outside my personal draw weight range. These limbs are in fine condition, and I have shot Less than 100 arrows with them. They come with limb savers attached and factory Border sleeves. I...
  5. Bows
    Yay! I picked up a long Wing Presentation II riser (22" long end to end)... and three sets of limbs: 69"/35# 68"/33# 62"/23# (Crazy length for such a light poundage... these will be keepers for me for letting folks play with a great piece of american archery history.) subtract 4" and add ~ 2#...
  6. Bows
    Bought new in summer of 2019, used to shoot for fun in my driveway, took on 2 sits for hogs and threw it in my bag on travel for work so I could shoot away from home. Nothing wrong with it. Just shoot my 66" bows more (6'6" guy so the 62" just a little too small for me). TYD 700$ (Venmo...
  7. Bows
    I have a set of Blackmax 2.0 shorts [email protected] on a 17" riser. Used but 8/10 condition. I also have a set of Dryad Epic mediums [email protected] on a 19" riser. These are the older style and IMO better looking limbs. These are marked blems because of some defects in the fiberglass. They are 6/10 because of some...
  8. Bows
    SOLD Uukha Vx+ Long 36# Like New SOLD I have like brand new Uukha Vx+ Long 36# and would like to sell or trade them for Vx+ 40# or 42# Mediums. Will sell outright for $775 TYD. Mine have never been in the field, maybe 100 arrows through them.
  9. Bows
    Long shot but any any one want to trade some ILF or DAS med limbs 50 to 60# for my bushnell yardage pro range finder comes with case and strap used it handful of times works great. Thanks
1-9 of 213 Results