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    snowing here, and 20*. But there is joy. I got a couple things in the mail. One is a riser I've had several of, Hoyt 19" Tracker warfed to ILF. Factory gold & black color, Loc Do warfed it several years ago, and I've owned it maybe 3 different times. Might be a keeper this time....... I bought a...
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    Figured I would share some pics and impressions for some new toys. A few months back I went looking for some new ILF limbs after deciding I didn’t like having to hand all kinds of elaborate weights on my Prodigy to get it where I liked it. I cleaned out some limbs and resumed shooting my now...
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    Got my 17 in Morrison pheonix xd riser and Hoyt Dorado back from kolorfusion time to play with today but did get pieces back on..morrision is stormy spec ops and Dorado is stormy original..
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    Ok, so that's indoor, Field, RU and Trad class covered with these 2, just need to free up some cash for an iLF longbow now [emoji16] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Have some new toys to play with this fall/winter for indoors. Riser is a 25" Inno Max and the limbs are W&W RCX 100. After handling these at Louisville I could not stop thinking about them. Have had the limbs for a few weeks but only just recently received the riser. I have not yet had a chance...
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    Just heard that I have 3 parcels waiting for me at my drop box in the USA. 2 from Texas 1 from Pennsylvania. Can't wait, shiny new kit, woohoo 😀😀😀😀 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I had a short window of time to shoot some different things this morning. I got an old BW 1200 from Sam Koger lately, thanks SAM - 60" 47#. I got some early DAVID SOZA painted WW Everest Pro shorts from brokenarrow THANKS BOB 38# shorts-on-25" riser. I put them on my scurvey Dalaa today, off...
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    Haven't been at this long but I've been fortunate (lucky) enough to find a few acorns hid in the woods. In the triangle the bow on the left is a Naki (one of 5) Bow on the bottom is a 17 inch prototype Bow on the right is a Gen 1 Also have a 3 Rivers 21 inch camo Dalaa, it doesn't really count.
1-8 of 10 Results