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    I imagine this question has been asked before, so apologies if it is a duplicate or has been discussed many times over. I have been bowhunting for about 35 years, 30 of those with a compound. I recently picked up an ILF recurve and have really enjoyed getting back into traditional. I also...
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    Hi, I have a 35# Samick Sage which I’ve owned for 4 months. Shoot split finger, 8” brace height and nocking point bare shaft tuned to 3/8”. This week the bow has started making a pop/snap noise once the bow is strung and the the bow is shot for the first time. The string is a fast flight Flemish...
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    Other than the markings, is there a difference in limbs between the top and bottom limbs on a take down or ILF bow?
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    Just wondering. It seems like they all shoot 3 under.
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    My latex dips aren't as durable as I had hoped. For those who do a top coat with water based poly, what glues work?
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    . . . on top of my Bucket list . . . . . . one can dream . . . regards, John
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    Been away from archery for a bit and now want to start shooting my Dalaa again. Thing is I can not remember how to get the top limb bolts back to zero if that makes sense. The owners manual states not to turn them in either direction more than two complete turns. I'm afraid I've fiddled with...
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    Don't know why but I can never post in the classifieds. In any event, I finally settled on one ILF rig after much consideration. It wasn't easy because as I mentioned each had their better attributes. But I can only shoot one. So, since I can't post items for sale here (still no clue why)...
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    Hello Fellow Archers, I had a question why is my top fletching getting worn out so quickly, while other two fletching are intact? I just fletched these arrows a month back.
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    Which point size do the Vaps take. Type 1 up to .296 dia Type 2 .297 dia and up. I think Type 1 but not sure. Thanks Walker
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    Hi On my 36# 28' turkish bow the bottom limb is curving more than the top limb.need help??
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    I apologize for posting this in the main forum but I believe it is something that shouldn't go unnoticed. Now mind you that I am not a moderator or anything but just a member that is slightly pissed off. If you have a bow in the classifieds (you know who you are) there is no need to bump...
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    Hi Guys, Does anyone here have experience adding heavier inserts/weights/tips to Gold Tip arrows? I'm planning on ordering some Gold Tip Hunter 340 shafts and want to play with the weight up front ( 100gr inserts, potentially weights ). Using Gold Tip components is the obvious choice, but I...
  14. Watering Hole
    Just got back from a weeks holiday in the beautiful region of South Devon. Whilst exploring an isolated cliff top region I came across this little find ..... Yep ... it's a late 18th century ships cannon
  15. Bow Projects
    I cleaned the camo paint of a set of Fedora limbs. Some had wrote Top & Bottom on each limb after they camoed them. I thought ther would some marking on the limbs , but When the camo was gone so was the markings. 1 limb is about 3/8 "longer than the other, measured bolt hole to string groove...
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    I have never been a fan of screw-in field points. Weights are inconsistent, they come unscrewed, they can tend to bounce out of some targets. So, I decided to find a better screw-in point. I recently bought a couple dozen 85 gr and 100 gr Top Hat Field points for my Victory VAP V1 500 arrows...
  17. Watering Hole
    this popular BBC show is in trouble because its host is suspended, and the other two cast members say that they won't do the show without him. the host, Jeremy Clarkson, is on his "last chance" already over an alleged physical assault on one Piers Morgan. since i too would not mind smacking...
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    I am the new owner of a Massey decurve-recurve style actionwood longbow with brace height set at about 7.5inches. It took me time to figure out what was happening- but I've discovered that the top limb is tillered such that if I push the string toward the riser the upper limb will flex toward...
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    I know many of us were unsure how TradTalk would end up after the new owners took over. Let me tell you, this site is what it is because of the members not the owners. I want to highlight two of them here, I won't mention names in case they get shy, I hope that's ok James (Navan- James) and...