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    What would be the proper poundage to dispatch a stray cat with half its fur missing. Blunt or broadhead? Last year year it killed the baby robins and bunnies in my yard. Now it is trying to kill my pet black fox squirrel.
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    Episode 52 - The Way Out - with Nick White, Joel Turner & Tom Clum Sr - Push Podcast Hey everyone! Check out Episode 52 of The Push Podcast. If you've hunted long enough, you'll be able to relate to Nick White and his rough season this year. He found himself in a state of doubt and low...
  3. Watering Hole
    Tom's gone, John is still recording and traveling. Two of my favorite artists. Have driven some marathon drives playing Mudcrutch music on the stereo. This was from a long time ago.
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    Hey everyone! Check out Episode 33 of The Push Podcast. We spent the evening with Joek Turner of Ironmind Hunting and Tom Clum Sr of RMSGear. We use their experience coaching hundreds of archer at ETAR as a case study to discuss the top ailments we traditional archers have and some solutions...
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    Hey everyone! Check out Episode 31 of The Push Podcast. We spent the evening with Joel Turner and Tom Clum Sr discussing our big plans for our shared booth at ETAR Denton Hill as well as tackle a big back log of listener questions. We also bring South Cox of Stalker Stickbows back for the...
  6. TradTalk Main Forum
    Hey everyone! Check out Episode 14 of The Push Podcast. We had a blast chatting with Tom Clum Sr. of Rocky Mountain Specialty Gear... In this episode we talk bowhunting, how Tom started RMSGear and of course, we get deep into the weeds with Tom (who is an instinctive aiming Level 3 NTS Coach...
  7. Hunting Camp
    After hunting all day yesterday with my Hoyt warf and not getting the shot I decided today I would "cheat" and use my Hoyt compound and the popup blind. Watched from binoculars last eve as these birds went to roost adjacent to a corn field they've been using daily. Set up this morning...
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    This is a picture of a friend of mine Tom, a firefighter from the West Coast, who took this BIG tom in the Clearwater (North Central Idaho) two weeks ago with an Osage seflbow and stone point. Beautiful cat that weighed just under 180lbs. Tom and I hunt the same unit every year for bear in the...
  9. Hunting Camp
    Leo learning to shoot - I can remember like it was yesterday my grandad teaching me this. Matt
  10. Warfin' Wall
    Tomorrow off and sending risers out. Thank the Father that Joyce is better! Tom I'm sending Nikko's, Rob's,Jonathans, and Ja demoyas. I'm gonna build on some of the others I have in the shop which are; Juliasdad, Steve, long and Roger Sr's. I'm gonna try to get the two set's of plates cut for...
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    On another forum was a reference to Arrow Dynamics Hammerheads. Are these shafts internally footed -- rendering the shaft essentially unbreakable?
  12. TradTalk Main Forum
    Congrats to Tom for placing 2nd in the 07 IBO Ohio state shoot! :youdaman:
  13. TradTalk Main Forum'tom%20jennings,%20smithwick%20bow'
1-13 of 19 Results