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    I understand using the arrow tip as an aim point for gap shooting, fix crawl, etc. So if I practice with a field point that is not the same length as my broadhead, doesn't that throw things off a bit?
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    Anyone know if you can use the gold tip inserts with Easton arrows. I want an arrow with a fact type system for tuning. Is there something like the Fact system in other arrows?
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    I think I might have messed up . I wanted to try some carbon arrows . Read Gold Tip Traditionals were pretty good arrows . With the lower poundage I’ve been shooting , I’ve been drawing 28.5-29” I shoot off the shelf , split finger . So, I go to the GT Spine chart and for me shooting 28-32#...
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    In the past I had many Dryad limbs. They were all fast, smooth and quiet. I see that 3 Rivers now sells the Epic limbs new. I had ACS RC and Epics with bamboo and others with maple cores. They all performed great. Has anyone bought and shot these new Epics from 3 Rivers? I would like your...
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    Looking for suggestion on making a 400 spine arrow work with my setup. Already have the arrows. Shooting a tradtech titan 40 lb limbs but looking at going up to 45 lb for hunting. DL is 29.5” Normally shoot 500 spine with 175grain up front, tip + insert. If 400 is too stiff I would just sell...
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    I have found undersized outside diameters on the last two batches of Pro Hunter shafts I have built. This arrow is advertised plus or minus .001" straightness. I was working with the 400 spine which is 32 inches in length. I found that the shaft was in specification until the last 2 inches (...
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    I’m looking to transition from Easton Axis Traditional’s to a less expensive shaft, and Gold Tip Kinetics have caught my eye. I’m currently using brass HIT inserts, and it looks like the standard insert for the Kinetics is the Accu-Tough. Curious to hear opinions on if it would be reasonable to...
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    Do static tip recurves have a shorter string length between the limb tips at full draw because the limbs don't uncurl? Would this make them perform like a shorter bow for shooting crawls? Anyone have experience with this, good or bad?
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    i and getting older and my eyes are not able to pick out my arrows tips at low light conditions. i have tried tape on my points and nail polish. neither of these lasts very long on my carbon shafts and i was wondering if anyone has found something which will last longer then a few shots
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    I put the arrow just below my target. Since I practice with my hunting bow, I was quickly aware that field tips and broadheads are different in length. So I consider the 'tip' to be the shiny ring on the arrow end- Basically the little bit of of the insert that is exposed on the end of the...
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    Pretty much what the title sez. :) We got 'em now! Have to thank grantmac for this. Conversations with him lead to making them. Those conversations have also lead to another product I'm working on. May not see it until after Christmas though. What I like is that Annette and I have been...
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    I am trying to differentiate short from medium limbs. So not bow AMO, but actual limb length if you have some mediums. Thanks Austin Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    [YOUTUBE]/[YOUTUBE] Might be helpful for some.
1-13 of 119 Results