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    This might be a challenge, but I could use some serious help. I am working on an ILF setup, but the tuning process is killing me. I shoot my Black Widow very well and have been successful with it in the field and at tournaments. Using my nock height, draw weight, and other specs from my Widow...
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    I bought a 'cheap' takedown recurve bow recently and after setting it up and shooting it, I noticed it seemed to kick up immediately after loosing the shot. I put a long stabilizer rod on it to visualize the kick better and sure enough, the stabilizer jerks upwards. So, neglecting the human form...
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    Could a 3 under tillered bow be shot for fingers and vice versa? Would i have to remove material from limbs to do so? (On a 1 piece bow) Does the tiller affect the arrow if using 3 under on a split and vice versa? Also sort of new to archery so sorry if its overwhelming to try to answer all...
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    I was looking at English longbow photos and became curious as to how one might measure tiller on these bows. There are no limb pockets or limb fadeouts, so if it's possible, where would one measure from?
  5. TradTalk Main Forum
    On a relatively inexpensive takedown bow would half inch negative tiller be considered excessive or something to be concerned with? I can easily return or exchange the bow. I remember reading tiller plus minus 1/4" to 3/8" is pretty standard in mass produced bows. Truthfully it shoots very well...
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    I just picked up a 3pcs Fox serria take down recurve bow. I always check the brace and tiller on all my bows and the tiller is backwards the top limbs is 6 3/4 and the bottom is 6 7/8. Is that an issue or just have to run my nocking point lower.
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    Nock Point, Tiller, and draw style... (ideas from the recent "string walking" thread) In the recent thread on string walking I asked a question about string walking pulling closer to the center of the string. I decided to start a new thread since it was veering off topic a bit. The comments...
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    After a 6 month break from shooting due to a shoulder injury, I started shooting again this week. I have a new pair of Border Hex 7.2 longs that I needed to set up. I recorded some of my findings and thought I would share them here, since people are always trying to figure out string length...
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    Generally speaking, is an even tiller common in BB setup for string walking? Thx~
  10. TradTalk Main Forum
    Hello everyone, new here and just getting back into archery after many years away. So, I've forgotten most of what I knew and somethings I never understood in the first place. Tiller being one of the things I never really understood. I always shot split finger and still do. Im looking at buying...
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    Anyone knows the exact thread size of current Hoyt tiller bolts ? i.e. Tiller bolts on Satori, GMX, Excel, Horizon, Sleep, Epik...... Etc Thx for helping~
  12. TradTalk Main Forum
    I've always shot using a high wrist and Mediterranean draw - what would be an ideal tiller setting? positive? neutral? negative ?
  13. TradTalk Main Forum
    If you're adjusting tiller on a ILF bow and you're shooting split, it's adjusted 3/8 positive. How would you adjust it if you were shooting a release? I think I'd have it even as the force on release is right behind the arrow. BUT we adjust it even tiller for those shooting 3 under. THree...
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    Decided to check the tiller on my Southwest Spyder while I was adjusting the brace height. Measuring from the ends of the riser to the string I got 8-3/4 inches for the upper limb and 7-1/8 for the lower. Anyone else think that an inch and five eights of positive tiller is a little excessive?
  15. TradTalk Main Forum
    I shoot a Titan 3 riser with Dryad limbs and 2 bundle Flemish twist string. I break my bow down after every session. I notice tiller changing all the time. The string never leaves the limbs so it shouldn’t change. What causes this? Can temperature effect something. It drives me nuts.
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    I have been having a problem lately locking below target/not being able to raise my arm.I stringwalk and if you think about it putting more tension on the bottom limb you are putting a downward pull on the bow. Grabbing the string above the nock without an arrow and drawing the bow PUTTING...
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    I've been tuning my new Hex 7.5's on my DAS Tribute. I've gotten it to bare shaft tune quite well, although I'm surprised it took Carbon Express 350's with only 125 points. I like keeping shafts full length, so I'm used to needing more spine than normal, but these limbs are 39#, so on a 19"...
  18. TradTalk Main Forum
    Hi all I’m new to the ILF world and just got my first set of high end ILF limbs. I started with the bolts at 2 turns out and found my arrows week. After adding all the strike plate spacers (Hoyt Satori riser), sting silencers, limbsavers, felt limb padding, a strap-on bow quiver, and backing...
1-18 of 196 Results