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    I bought a new Hoyt Tiburon a number of years ago as a back-up hunting bow. Shot it about 20 times with a NAP Center Rest and didn’t like it much. Haven’t shot it since. My question is can this bow be shot off the shelf?
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    Got a 45# used, shoots well just still getting a good nock right tear. I put the satori strike plate kit on it. Shooting 400 rampages with 150 up front. Thinking I should have went with 500s. What’s everyone shooting on the satoris and tiburon around 50#? I’m loading it well past the 28 amo on it.
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    Anyone own a Tiburon? How does it compare with the other hoyts? I want to add one to my collection.. Looking for feed back. I don't have a dorado come to think of it. Something about the Tiburon catches my eye. Gamemasters look reflexed and don't beckon to me as much.
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    Does anyone shoot a Tiburon? Is it the same riser as a Gamemaster only with formula limb attachment system? Would a converted Gamemaster to accept ILF be just as functional? I have shot the original Gamemaster a long time ago. I like the feel of the riser, but not the bow overall. I would prefer...
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    Hi everyone, need a little advice. I have owned a Tiburon last year and had a AAE Freeflyte rest on it. The rest never fit all that well because of the brace on the rear of the riser. After a few mods and some filing I got it to work but was never 100% happy with it. I ended up selling that bow...
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    Does anyone know where I can get a set of Tiburon limbs, 64 in ans 55 lbs? I checked with 3 rivers and Lancaster and no dice. Love my 40 lb limbs but would like to hunt with it and would feel better with more poundage. Thanks JW
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    I am looking for some pictures with this setup. A black Tightspot quiver on it might be cool too.
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    Do any dealers in Michigan have these? Jay's doesn't. Sent from my PRC-77 using Tapatalk
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    Hello everyone, I'm a newbie on this forum. I've been reading this forum for quite a while now, but just registered. I've been throwing ends now since 1980 with primarily the dark side of archery (wheelies) and my '80's vintage Darton is still going strong. I picked up a Fuse Focus to...
1-9 of 26 Results