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    Our experience of the korean thumb rings archery
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    “Victory” thumb ring designed by Gao Ying . . . The wood is Lingum vitae (Guaiacum sp.) and minor adjustments made to fit my thumb. regards, John
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    Does anyone hunt with a thumb draw or thumb ring? If so what's your experience? I'm just curious.
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    Hello all, I have begun learning asiatic archery and thumb draw and it's been a great time however there's part of my right hand that's getting hurt that I never expected would. Specifically the skin on the side of my knuckle, the parts that touches the string (pictured below). I think the...
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    I shoot a 42lb (at my draw length of 31") Turkish bow - with a thumb ring, not fingers. I make my own arrows and I'm about to get some decent bamboo shafts. The informed sources about Asiatic archery and bamboo arrows say that (because of bamboo's different resonant frequency/ different nodal...
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    To those people shooting thumb rings . . . . . . vet wrap is outstanding for both kinds of rings to prevent slippage . . . regards, John
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    I have been shooting with a thumb ring lately and am shooting both horse bows, with the arrow on the right side of the riser, and conventional recurves with the arrow on the left side. I find them both to be accurate and both have some advantages. My scores with the conventional recurve are...
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    I started shooting a horse bow with a thumb ring. I am putting the arrow on the right side (I’m right-handed) and drawing the bow to a modified olympic-type anchor. I am canting the bow to the right. This way of shooting feels very natural and organic to me. Because of this low anchor I am...
  9. TradTalk Main Forum
    I’m experimenting with this technique and was curious as to where other shooters anchor. I came from shooting 3 under with a finger to tooth and my nose on a feather. I see a great benefit to this technique immediately as I went from 27” to 29.5” draw which speaks for itself. Any input is...
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    . . . new ring (to the left ) & old ring (to the right) . . . . . . the new is a Mughal style & old is a Ottoman style . . . Throw it up the flagpole, and see who salute. regards, John
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    so I was thinking this thru last night, and I get a lot of pressure on my ring finger when shooting 3 under with a tab, my middle finger is in the corner of my mouth I used to touch my pinky finger to my thumb when shooting, then changed to relaxing my pinky, hooking my thumb under my jaw to...
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    . . . beginning thumb release: an introduction by Armin Hirmer. . . regards, John
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    Started shooting a bow November of last year, finding it to be incredibly enjoyable. The bow was a little Samick Discovery R1, and now after shooting friend’s bear grizzly, Spigarelli 650 club, and the WF19 I just picked up (thanks to Warden415) I can say it’s a damn fine little bow...
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    Anyone know if it’s within IBO rules or not for the traditional classes? Would it be considered a release aid? Not a ring, using a thumb release with a glove and leather tab on the thumb.
  15. TradTalk Main Forum
    Hey all, So on the advice of some I've changed my grip (it was very much pushing with the palm, med to low wrist) and am using mostly the webbing of the bow hand for holding/pushing the bow. here's the problem, after about 30 shots, my thumb joint is hurting, noticably. I've noticed that it...
  16. TradTalk Main Forum
    Thumb ring . . . or . . . shooting glove . . . you decide . regards, John
1-17 of 79 Results