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    I’m thinking of a SRF sight for my 45# Samick Sage for hunting. I have read a little about it and for shooting live game I think it would give me a bit more confidence. I am afraid of shooting a flyer and wounding a deer. My shots would under 25 yards, what would I need?
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    I am looking for some advise, I have been looking at getting an ILF bow and I draw to about 30". I was thinking of maybe a 19" riser and then having an over all length of 62" for the bow. I am primarily using this for hunting so I am trying to not make it too long. Is a 19" riser good or would I...
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    NO ! Not the C word , either of them . ( compound and crossbow) Been there , done that . Since leaving the compound bows behind , some twenty five years ago or more , probably closer to 30 , I’ve always shot off the shelf . I’m thinking of tryIng to learn how to shoot off an elevated rest ...
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    17" Discovery riser and Uukha Saiga short 45#. I draw 28 or a hair over. Like a 58" bow for hunting. Anybody messed with similar? Currently running a 54# non ILF take down.
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    Was thinking about installing a clicker on one of my bows. Right now my go to bow is the 62 AMO Striker Classic that I bought off of “Burntmuch” on this forum. I love it btw. But I also shoot a Damon Howatt Hunter a lot as well. I am probably gonna use the Striker for my first season of 3D...
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    Want a 58" rig, 45-50#. Dunno if I should get the Black Max 2.0 carbons or what? What other brands/models would make a good hunting limb? I had a Tradtech a few yrs ago w reg wood/glass TT limbs and it was decent. Want something a little better limb wise. TIA
  7. TradTalk Main Forum
    All I've ever owned are Black Max originals and 2.0's. I'd like to try something a little better. Like a lot of us, I'm part plinker, part target shooter and hunter. What would be the better limbs (brand) I should consider? Also for those who eventually tried higher end limbs, do you think the...
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    Wishing every one and especially my friend Phil a peaceful and glorious Easter Sunday.
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    So I'm thinking about getting an ILF set-up. I currently have a Striker T/D recurve and, don't get me wrong, she's a sweet shooting little bow, but I'm a tinkerer. I have a feeling that the adjustability of an ILF rig will both please the tuner in me and also step up my accuracy. Getting to the...
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    Now ive made you click on this... :-) Merry Christmas to you all from everyone at Border! And a happy new year when it comes. And if your not a christmas follower. Happy holidays. Thats us shut till the 4th jan. Ill still be around to participate in threads and debates Sláinte
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    Anyone who knows me know I like to experiment with ideas and concepts. I've made self bows, PVC bows, various ILF risers and even crossbows. I like to test out ideas to learn or unlearn new or old ways of doing things. Which brings me to this experiment. The assymetric bow. Most commonly seen...
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    My shooting has been getting better, I can see progress each time I go to the range. My groups still need work, since they are about 6 inches at the 10 yard line, but I think I am almost ready to move back to 20. The problem is location of my groups, and this is why I'm thinking of changing...
1-12 of 63 Results