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    I now have 4 unusable bowstrings because they are too tight to fit the nocks on my existing arrows. The most recent one is a 12-strand bought from Amazon. I'm starting to think I maybe either trying to use the wrong type of arrows or have been buying a wrong string material (Dacron). Can you...
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    Just recently I had my first foray into the world of very thin shafts. I bought myself some 500 spine Easton Full Metal Jacket shafts. These shafts are basically aluminium shafts, with a carbon inner. As far as I can see, there might be some advantages to be gained from using very thin shafts...
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    For the stringmakers out there. Was supposed to get some 452x from a bloke but he has given me some 8125 Thin! Did a search and it's not made any more (for a reason maybe). All I found out is that it says its 10% thinner. The label reads; Smallest diameter. Low creep...
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    I am about to buy some Victory VAP arrows for target shooting, but I haven't been able to figure out how to configure them. They would be the VAP .600, which are a mere .212" in diameter, and with a predicted final weight (by Hunter's Friend @ 29") of 324gr. The arrows are usually described...
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    I've had great results using this material for flemish twist strings, and have run out of it. does anyone know if it is still available and where I might find some? Thanks in advance.
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    Just wondering if a thin string is generally louder than a thick one. I always figured that thick strings were quieter, but I just witched from a 16 strand to an 18 strand on a heavy bow and the heavy string seems louder. Both are TS-1, but the thicker string is an endless loop versus flemish...
1-6 of 7 Results