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    I had been following the work done by Cody Greenwood over on the above site and was somewhat disappointed when activity came a halt. Of course over on his FB page and various pod talks he has been very active. I recently contacted Cody to ask if he intends to continue the bow testing for the...
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    testing the easton vector 1400 modified for 32 lb's on fingers footed with 22lr case. 5gpp 3D archery arrow i am using this year for barebow 3D. point weight was reduced and description is in beginning of video... total arrow cost -$5.12 enjoy
  3. Warfin' Wall
    Hello gentlemen, and ladies of course. Being new to the forum and having had some reading to catch me up, I believe I am ready to test the warf waters. I have a Spectra 5000 riser and a buddy that is into ILF conversions as a guide. I have access to different ILF limbs and bow hardware via my...
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    As we have discussed Jeff and I are putting several different limbs on the "Truth Teller" our shooting machine. It wont be long and we should have some vids coming. An argument broke out to which I am currently winning between Jeff and I regarding wood core limbs. Long story short we are...
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    When I was shooting wooden arrows, if the spine was exactly the same and the arrows were put together straight, what happen after that to the arrow would not have much effect on the performance. The arrows could be bent and even weight differently but if the spine was the same and they were...
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    Hi, Is it feasible, to get a rough indication of static spine in wooden shafts by simply comparing the bend to a shaft that you are familiar and happy with? I have been given a whole bunch of unknown spine wooden shafts. They are all 11/32 but that's all I know. So..... As I don't have a...
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    Testing alerts. :o
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    My horseback archery club set this up off to the side of the main practice area, so I tested it out on foot. Might need softer rubber blunts...the arrows hit really hard.
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    Tested these on the ground and at a posting trot. Understandably, these won't appeal to everybody, since they have a bit of a specialized purpose. But so far, I have found they are as accurate as standard nocks, and are slightly easier to blind nock.
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    This is mine/my dad's Plains Indian-style bow that was made by bowyer Bill Vonderhey sometime in the 1990's. Vonderhey has since passed away. Drawn to 41#@20", I got 125 fps with 383 grain arrows, and up to 119 with 500 grain arrows. Perhaps this bow should be bending more closer to the handle...
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    what do you guys do if the broadhead is not spinning properly? how do you fix this and can you fix it without the spin tester?
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    "The renowned Hungarian bowyer Csaba Grozer has sent three of his bows for testing. Two of these bows are labeled "Turkish biocomposite" and "Turkish Laminated" and the third one is named "Crimean Tatar L2". All the test bows revealed an excellent finish both in workmanship and the materials...
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    Can/should it be done? With carbon and aluminium, it's always been one of my tuning tools. I've just bought some new wood shafts for my flatbow and thought I'd bareshaft test a few to get the spine right before making the finished items. However, I recently saw a comment that said you...
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    From 18-20 yards. Center-Magnus Stinger 150gr Top & Bottom-Bear Greenies LSOTD-Pittsley Predator Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
1-14 of 51 Results