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    Back in 2012 or so I started playing around with carbon shafts because I wanted to increase the FOC of my elk hunting arrows, and knew that getting to a higher FOC required shafts with higher stiffness to weight ratios than you can get with wood shafts of reasonable weights, or with aluminum...
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    Does anyone know the date of the first mechanical arrow spine tester ? regard, John
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    It's time to start getting broadheads centered up and flying true. I'm working on devising a simple way to make a spin tester to get those broadheads concentric. Has anyone got a clever way of making up a spin tester system?
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    I got tired of the analog dial so decided to find a digital one...and it worked!!! Sent from my MHA-L29 using Tapatalk
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    Can anybody tell me if there are any plans, drawings, etc. for this spine tester? This is awesome and I'd really like to build it! I think it was created by Van/TX.
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    hi guys....i have just bought the spine tester above...does anybody know where i can get an owners manual for the above spine tester please. i am having trouble calibrating it for my wooden arrow shafts...i put on a shaft that i know is a 50-55lb spine, but i am getting a reading of 25lb...i am...
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    There was talk about a tool like this in a recent thread. Plunger Tester, allows to set up perfectly your Plunger with a new one, or to facilitate the set-up of your actual Plunger, and test its functionality effective analysing the load of the...
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    I do not understand what is meant by the term 26" centers on the A.S.T. If I were to center the 32" shaft @ 26" I wouldn't be centered but over to one side, way over! I also am at loss asto how to read the durn thing any help would be appreciated thanks
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    I need one that i can check alum carbon and woods. I am trying to get my personal archery shop fixed up in the garage. I would take one that is home made that would be great. I would rather have one with the arm on it but the dail indecatier would work to. Any info on this would be great thanks Mike
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    Not sure about this, see what you think as just musing. In making a spine tester the critical aspect is getting a suitable dial gauge. Could one instead use a digital vernier calliper - thery are readily available and very cheap (about $15 or less on Amazon). These can be zeroed at any...
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    Well I found out why some of my arrows were showing weak and some were stiff. Never owned a spine tester before and I thought the carbons tolerances would be real close hmmmmmm. So I tested some that I had been bareshafting and I had two that always seemed to show weak but I thought it was me...
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    Looking for a spine tester for my carbons. I remember Dale Karch when I was at his shop saying that he uses the spine tester to find the spine on his carbons.....the weak side and stiff side only. He then marks them so that the stiff side always is up against the riser. Made sense to me. Now I...
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    Hello I have been looking at Jim Hill's spine tester, and have decided to build one myself. I have a dial indicator that range from 0-12.6 mm which equals 0- 0.496 inches. I would like to be able to measure spine from 45# and higher, but that is not...
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    In my April/May-1999 issue of Traditional Bowhunter there is an article on making a spine tester using a Dial Indicator to measure deflection. I plan to make one but am concerned about the shaft slipping off the top of the indicator stem. I am sure I can come up with something but just wondered...
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    I received a Spine-O-Meter as a birthday gift this week and have been having fun playing with it. It is very consistent in checking the shafts I have, as I've checked the same shaft multiple times on it and it always reads the same. It has readings for carbon, wood, and aluminum spines. It was...
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    Can someone give me the conversion to pounds for a spine tester? I have a Easton pro spine tester. It reads in 100ths. (ex: my arrows are 358). Is there a chart to show ex: 45-50 spine, etc. to convert my numbers? Thanks in advance. John
1-16 of 25 Results