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    According to his test with one bow, there was no significant change in arrow velocity, even with a large change in brace heights. I cannot help but wonder if he might have had a different conclusion from testing more than one bow.
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    What's everyone's preferred spine test kit and why?
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    “How many pounds do you think this is shot with? Organic horn/sinew Turkish flight bow, 200 grain arrow, 27" draw, and fast flight string.” - courtesy Ivar Malde (answer published shortly after the replies !) regard, John
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    I ordered this bow custom from Gregg, for compliance with some horse archery organization's rules (no shelves, no cutout windows). I've had it for about 6 months. Finally got around to putting some test footage and bow performance data together. The bow is a good performer on the chrono, and...
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    So I conducted a little test today involving 3 aiming methods...String-Walking...3-Under/Instinctive...and Gap (sort of but gave up for good reason) To be fair and in the name of honesty?...I've spent a good portion of my adult life combating Target Panic and I'd rate myself as an above average...
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    I have always had it in the product description that test data is available for the asking for the Aero-Flight vanes we make. Just wanted to let folks know that I finally got off my butt and got it stuck into a separate post on our website. Testing continues of course, as always. But right now...
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    A set of Arrow by Richard Thompson circa 1880 (ish)
  8. Hunting Camp
    One of the locals at the archery range Chad
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    I shot same arrow with different points and total weight Total weigth 340 grains , 85 grains points , 220 FPS , FOC 11% Total weigth 355 grains , 100 grains point , 210 FPS , FOC 13 % Total weigth 375 grains , 120 grains point , 202 FPS, FOC 15% all off them reach same point of impact, with...
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    In this post I am going to show the results of spine tests on aluminum arrows. Aluminum is considered to make the most consistent arrow in terms of spine and weight consistency. I am going to test this hypothesis with the hope that I can use aluminum arrows as a standard for assessing the...
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    So I had my friend Cody sharpen up some Zwickeys he graciously purchased and sent my way. These are the glue on models, and what real trad men shoot on wood arrows. These arrived in a manly package secure, so no postmen or women would be harmed by simply looking at, or handling the package. I'll...
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    Hi all! This is just my curiosity talking. Its seems that the hex limbs are as fast as a recurve goes right now, for a longbow (1 or 2pc) that seems to be Centaur (up for debate im sure...but not in this thread). Would be fun to see the diffrence with the 2 being pit against eachother at...
  13. Watering Hole
    Now this is cool. First the crew capsule is jettisoned, and then the booster lands.
  14. Faith and Fellowship
    And I was shocked that when I arrived at Quest Diagnostics Labs that the young lady also handed me a urine cup and when I questioned it thinking I was only there for drawn blood she said... "Oh no Mr. looks like they want everything on you here!" So I filled the cup and took my...
  15. Trail Cams
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    The Prime Suspects: (4) Test Shafts of various spine, weight, wood and shape...all measuring 29"s from nock center too B.O.P. and wearing 3X4" LW Feathers... (1) 5/16ths Parallel Mahogany Spined 40# (1) 11/32ndths Parallel Mahogany Spined 48# (1) Tapered 5/16nk-11/32pt Mahogany Spined 43#...
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    This is a really interesting video from the 2016 ATA Trade Show on the straightness and break point of various carbon shafts.... Have you guys seen this before? Cheers James
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    I've been curious about this bow for a few years now and my curiosity finally got the better of me. I ordered one up for a week-long test drive: 62" AMO and 45#. I ended up getting one scaling in at 47# @ 27". It was actually a limb set marked 50#, but it came in at a reasonable weight for...
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    Having a learning curve of posting pictures again. [/URL]
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    I will take it with a grain of salt.