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  1. Watering Hole
    The wonderful Monty Python team member Terry Jones has died He's gone up to heaven to meet Brian, RIP Terry
  2. TradTalk Main Forum
    Hey I got an email that my club is looking to bring Terry out for a day. Anybody ever meet Terry and or attend his seminar?
  3. TradTalk Main Forum
    Mind you, I’m not a very good shot, and most of my archery interest is hunting, but I’ve been thinking of setting up an IBO RU outfit and will probably shoot with a single 20 or 25 yard crawl. Looking at rests, and wondering…. would a Terry T-3 be adequate and functional (remember, we’re...
  4. TradTalk Main Forum
    I was wondering if anyone has had any experience with the Terry T-3 rest and if anyone has tried one on a Titan riser? They look pretty rugged attached with a plunger and the price is right. I am kind of leary of the durability of a stick on rest in ruff huntings situations (brush, dark boat...
  5. TradTalk Main Forum
    I ordered a Quinn bow this past spring. I talked with Mr. Quinn several times over the course of the first few months. At the time, I didn't know he had been diagnosed with cancer. I went ahead and paid for my bow. David got sick and as we most all know, unfortunately lost his battle with...
  6. TradTalk Main Forum
    Terry is a custom knife maker from Renovo, PA. and a true craftsman. We were set up right next to him at Denton Hill for the last two years. Terry had a pretty seriuos bout with cancer in his jaw a couple years ago but, seemed to have beaten it. This year at Denton I noticed that the lump had...
  7. TradTalk Main Forum
    :thankyou: I want to thank the Quinn’s. They made one of the best bows I ever have, I love my Stallion. :youdaman: and woman. Even though I get my bow used, I contacted Terry some weeks ago asking for Stallion user manual. I have no answer for two day and then I received an E-Mail with the...
  8. TradTalk Main Forum
    I read an article about this man in the Sept. issue of Field and Stream. Two points that he stresses about shooting a bow, don't aim and pull the bow apart. In my desperate attempt to gain control over the bow instead of the bow over me. I have been playing around with the "pull the bow apart"...
1-8 of 9 Results