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    Enjoy 10 minutes of one man's journey and new beginning:
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    Well, after my 1 hour with an archery coach sunday morning, it seems it's true about the self taught man has a fool for a teacher. Gayla J down at the Performance Archery in San Diego is a great teacher and she was able to put me on the right track, I feel like a school kid again with loads of...
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    One reason I love traditional archery is that I get to spend good quality time with my kids every afternoon. No distractions, just them, me and 3 sticks and strings. My daughter (11) hasn't caught on very well. My son (8) may be the 2020 IBO world champion in the making. Other than working...
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    These were his first arrows ever - on his last night as a 9 year old! He removed the old orange vanes, scraped and cleaned the shafts. I showed him what to do with the 1st cock feather. The rest were 100% pride of accomplishment! Of course a certain younger brother was all admiring eyes!
  5. Hunting Camp
    I refused to believe that there were no white oaks on our whole 200 acres that were producing so I kept looking and finally found 4 trees that were in various parts of the farm to hunt near..... the best one sits alongside a patch of rye right next to a bedding area ( 5 year old clearcut) and...
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    Greetings all ~ As some of you know, I am the greenest of new archers with a beautiful English long bow, and as of a week and a half ago, I've just begun shooting. It's been an ongoing education. Here are some things I've learned already. 1) Impatience and accuracy don't mix. If something...
1-6 of 6 Results