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    My Father in law enjoys wood working he has been footing some arrows and now tapering a few. How does this impact an arrows spine? Im building these up for a 43lb toelke whip hs.
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    Hey everyone! I tried searching first, but either my browser is crazy or there's something wrong with the search function. Anyways, I finally got supplies for arrow building and hell, I am literally eating through my sandpapers in order to taper my shafts enough to fit the tapered hole field...
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    okay so my new arrows should be here tomorrow or the next day and I forgot to order a 11/32 tapering tool, my teacher has one but dont want to wait another week to start shooting! only place around here with bow stuff is gander and dicks and they dont have them, is there anyway I can taper the...
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    If I tapered a 11/32 POC shaft 10" to 5/16 and wanted to end up with a 50# spine what do you think would be a good spine to start with? Its for an English longbow shot off my hand. Do you think barreling the shaft has any advantages? And will it lose more spine? Thanks for any info.
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    Dan Worden posted this on the members board, but I thought I'd share the wealth because it's so good... You can use a reloaders deburring tool to taper your aluminum shaft footings if you don't like to use the edge as a "clicker"... Dan, you're the man...I just happen to have a deburring tool...
1-5 of 5 Results