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    Heres what you need to know: I have been shooting since I was 8 but never really learned much other than to shoot. My draw length is 29" I am looking for a takedown recurve bow. Looking to use for target practice and my father may end up taking me out for a few hunts for small prey like...
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    I am planning on getting this bow. Thoughts, opinions, better suggestions. Heres my info: Draw weight-between 35 and 45 Draw length-29" Looking to hunt small prey like rabbits and use it for target practice I want a takedown recurve bow preferably below $300.
  3. Bows
    🎯FOR SALE: $1?-CentaurArchery Triple Carbon Elite Take-Down w/ Dark Matter Riser Listed on eBay as a 99 cent auction... I can't post links yet so search this item number in eBay to find it... Ebay item Id # 5338273189 ( This bow is in Pristine...
  4. Bow Projects
    I'm currently in the process of building a takedown bow riser out of white oak. I would like to know what you guys think is the best way to shape it. I can use a jigsaw or bandsaw. what do you guys think would be a better option. I will be cutting the limb pockets with a table saw. Also, what...
  5. Special Projects
    Hey Guys. I would like to build a takedown bow for hunting big game animals such as elk, moose, deer and Bear. I am aiming for a draw weight of about 52-57 pounds. will that be enough to put down a big game animal (with a sharp broad head and proper shot placement). My plan is to make the riser...
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    I'm looking for a 3 piece takedown longbow and want to know what everyone recommends. Im not looking for the best because I know that's a matter of opinion. Unfortunately where I live in central texas there aren't many places for me to go and try bows out. I haven't found many people that deal...
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    Hoping to find out the maker of this bow. No writing on the riser. Limb bolts are recessed, and limb core and lams are laminated for width. Top limb being notched for sight window is unusual too. Workmanship is better than a do-it-yourself bow.
  8. Special Projects
    Hi guys! Just sharing a recurve buildalong video that I've made. hope you like.
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    Hey, I’m new to this form and hope I have this posted in the right spot. I’m trying to identify a bow I just acquired. On the limb it says “Bear Take-Down Hunter“ but when I google it I cannot find one like it. The closest I can find is a 76er but they have a different riser. This is what I can...
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    Just kind of putting a feeler out on my firefly messenger. Its 62" 57#@28" with a solid purpleheart riser. Bow is exceptionally smooth, very quiet and fast, just looking to try something different. I like hill style longbows or ilf recurves for trade or sell for $425
  11. Bows
    Would like to find a classic wood B riser to match my growing collection of C risers. Ok with modifications such as inletting sight window or added plunger. Also ok with the shelf area and lower part of window being a bit torn up- I plan to inlet if not already to get CenterShot and add...
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    Hi all, I am new member from Finland and found this forum recently. Have been reading tons of great knowledge about archery👍 I have question: I have made myself a takedown recurve for hunting. It is short bow, only 59,5 inches nock-to-nock, and my draw lenght is 29,5 inches. Riser is 15", so I...
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    I put this up on the F650gs forum with no response. So, maybe it's a better fit for Tradtalk. I sold my bike 10 years ago, and now I'm picking up another one. In that time I've started slinging arrows, and I'd like to take my rig on the bike. My immediate thought is that if I put my bow...
  14. Bow Projects
    Is it possible to make takedown limbs from one piece of wood, or are the stresses too much? I made a riser and some limbs to tiller to about 45#, and snapped two pairs of limbs. Is this even possible, or am I just making the limbs too short for what I am asking them to do? They are 27 inches...
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    Hello, what’s the general consensus on the new Predator recurve bows? In particular the Hunter DX model that is a 3 piece takedown. Thanks!
1-15 of 148 Results