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    Got my dozen Easton Axis STs today and my fletchings shipped out today. Got them in a 400 spine, managed to get a the 4 I bought previously to fly well. My shooting has been halted by a snow storm though. To afraid I'd lose an arrow, I'm a tight-wad like that. Here are a few pics for fun...
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    I read an older thread pertaining to the STS Silencer and looked them up online. 39.99 for an adaptor, a rod, and a star shaped rubber gizmo which allows the bow string to stop forward movement and reduce noise. I'm thinking I may order one for my DAS. Can someone tell me if this will work on...
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    I starting to put together accessories for the Hoyt Gamemaster II project I intend to put together over the winter. I would like to know if anyone has expierence with the STS Side Mount Suppressor, as I thought to put one on the riser. Your comments appreciated.
1-3 of 3 Results