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    Still pretty new to this, and I'd like to buy a new string for my bow. It's a Jeffery Archery Royal hunter takedown that's around 20 years old. I've attached pictures of the front and back of the limbs. Can this bow handle the fast flight strings like the D97? Thanks in advance.
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    I have several strings for sale. 4 SBD strings: -6 strand 58 1/2" with rubber silencers -10 Strand Recurve 58 1/2" with end wraps -10 Strand recurve 65" with rubber silencers -8 Strand recurve 67" with rubber silencers 1 Mountain muffler: -12 Strand D97 flemish 60" with wool mufflers and...
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    Due to injuries I have been away from archery for a while. I make own skinny strings. When I was making strings 450+, 8125 and ultra cam were what people were using. I personally use 450+ but have 8125 and ultra cam. Is there another material out there now. I see that the string manufacturers...
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    So I see string recommendations here are mostly guys doing primarily trad hunting stuff. But if you are into WA bare bow competition stuff, where are you going for strings? I've heard 60x but are there small custom builders doing this kind of thing?
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    We are in the process of closing out a few materials. We will be offering a 25% off of strings in these 3 materials through the 21st. Use promo code clearout
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    1 month ago i got a new bow string my old one was fine but was showing wear. the new string was a b50 but i dont know any other information on it because i cant find the packaging . 1 month of shooting for me is about 3,000 arrows and last night it tore at the bottom loop without any signs of...
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    I ordered 2 strings from Allen a couple of weeks ago; one for me and one for my 5 year old's new bow that I got him for Christmas. The timing couldn't have been more perfect as the strings arrived on Christmas Eve, giving me enough time to put it on Evan's little Samick longbow. Only thing...
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    I have an Ali Mongolian bow and the string is a double-loop Dacron. I want to make a twist string for it probably from B50. I emailed Ali about using BC97 but no response so I don't know if twist-strings are used on these bows and if fast-flite is OK. I just bought a Bear Paw Horseman and made a...
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    Use promo code flag16 through memorial day to save 15% on all bowstrings over $15 visit our site at
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    Having read several times the difference between non stretch strings seldom varies by more than 3-4 fps. You guys that have shot them a chronograph is that a fairly accurate rule of thumb? Jeffs post last week about strings got me to thinking about what would the difference be between an 8125g...
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    First off, what I'm about to say may cause some people to feel that maybe the cheese has slid off my cracker. As you all know, I've been shooting that 66" Whip longbow. I ordered a replacement string since the ones Dan sends are not the greatest. I got the 8 strand model, and stuck it on my...
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    Just picked up a new set of max 4 from breathn. They are longs and 49lbs. Put them on a 19" riser with a new mountain muffler mercury string. Tuned it a bit and was very happy. They felt great and seemed to be fast. So on to the chrono. First shot with 680g arrow at my 28.75" DL and ...
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    You guys that tinker and test with a lot of stuff, what's the fastest material used to make high performance strings both for recurves and R&D longbows?
  14. TradTalk Main Forum
    60X Custom Bow Strings will be running a short Mother's Day sale until Monday the 15th. The sale will be simple 15% any string, cable or set. To get the discount enter promo code motherlylove15 on the website. Sale is only good on website orders, promo code MUST be entered, not valid on past...
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    Does anyone else buy strings from ol-nobull on ebay? Ive bought several and have nothing but good to say about his service. I usually receive them within 5 days after ordering. He's worth a look.
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    Just recently (maybe a week ago) a member here asked about strings for a Border CH to which our member Breathn here (John's Customs) promptly responded where he had tried 8125, 8190 and Fast Flight Plus where of the 3?...He liked the FF+ string material best and with that?... I promptly PM'ed...
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    60X Custom Bow Strings will be running a short Easter sale until Monday the 17th. The sale will be simple 15% any string, cable or set. To get the discount enter promo code 15easter on the website. Sale is only good on website orders, promo code MUST be entered, not valid on past orders...
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    60X Custom Strings is happy to announce that we now carry the selway stringer in a variety of colors. For more info feel free to visit our stringer page at
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    I'm new to the whole Asiatic horse bow. On my recent purchase from China, my bow came with an endless loop string with served end loops. I recently changed the string to a laid in Flemish style .... is this OK. For those who shoot these types of bows, is there a preferred or recommended string...
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    Just before Christmas I emailed Steve, requesting a string for a kid's bow. Steve told me that he was about to have a knee surgery so I would have to wait a bit. boy I didn't have to wait long. A few days later, without me having paid for the string, there it was in my front door.. according...
1-20 of 166 Results