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  1. Hunting Camp
    hi steve hoyt axis strikes in new mexico:)
  2. Hunting Camp
    I can't lose with this bow! First morning out and all is quiet until a tom gobbles behind me at 8:30. I gave a few calls and peeked out to see he was meandering my way. I'm in a new blind with a tom and hen deek out maybe 7 yards, so I grab my bow and nock and arrow and was about to turn on...
  3. Hunting Camp
    hi dana thought you'd like to see lucky hat again. 5x5 mulie. thanks again for the hat!!! dave
  4. Hunting Camp
    hi dana lucky hat strikes in the cowboy state-Wyoming. nice doe shot at 20 yds. going back in a week rut should be full steam. thanks again dave
  5. TradTalk Main Forum
    At police headquarters, somebody posted that : I am simply amazed at some folks, I thought being traditional meant learning to shoot well and gain woodsmanship skills that would enable you as a HUNTER to get close to game say 10 to 20 yards I mean that's why we love trad bows right....well I...
  6. Hunting Camp
    Went this evening and sit in a tangle of vines in the edge of a cornfield and killed my first coyote. There had been a squirrel running back and forth between the timber line where I was sitting and the corn all evening. He'd made his last crossing about 30 minutes before when all of a sudden...
  7. TradTalk Main Forum
    A little update. I wrote a post last month about me putting a clicker on my bow and how much it helped me with my target panic and shooting in general. Sunday I went to a 3D shoot with my father who is a dead game coumpound shooter. Now we have not shot together since last year when I was deap...
  8. TradTalk Main Forum
    So far: Someone applied for a debt consolidation loan in my name; I received 4 quotes for condominium insurace that I did not solicit; and today, I received notification my new platinum card application was being processed. I did not request any of this. So far I have: NOtified the three...
  9. Faith and Fellowship
    i got word last night that my great nephew is close to death. his mother and i love her dearly was out running around and drunk when her husband went and found her and brought her home. well to make matters worse when he got her home at 6 a.m. they got into a big fight. she was drunk and he was...
1-9 of 15 Results