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    I recently purchased a 68" Hickory flatbow that's 50# at 28". The bow doesn't have an arrow shelf so I'm shooting off the hand. The recommended brace height is 6.5"-7.5" and I've got it right around 7.25" My draw length is 28" and I purchased a couple of 30" aluminum arrows that I've been...
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    Hey everyone, I was looking to buy my first bow and arrows and needed some help. I'm a complete newbie so I don't even know proper terminology yet and as I am a full time student my budget isn't exactly much. Anyways, I was looking at some nice looking traditional recurve bows on amazon here...
  3. Watering Hole
    Saw this story. This soldier is a true bad [email protected]@.
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    I'm just getting started and I'm currently looking at 3 possible bows to purchase. The Ragim (G&H Outdoors) Wolf Custom, The Martin L-100 or the PSE Sequoia. They all are around the same price. I like the look of the Wolf Custom, although I'd have to order it through my local shop. I drove an...
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    If my question has already been answered, please let me know. I quickly browsed through existing threads, but didn't quite see what I was looking for. I'm 18, male, and became interested in archery at school. We have a few cheap fiberglass youth bows. I started reading guides and tips online...
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  7. TradTalk Main Forum
    was wondering what would be a good ilf bow for someone just starting out.something that's good but not going to break the bank.suggestions would greatly be appreciated.
  8. TradTalk Main Forum
    I'm not a bow guy, and worse, I'm looking for my wife, after talking to her today she really likes the recurve type, she thinks, but she is looking to try bows as a whole, and she nor I want a $500 dollar dust collector if she decides it stinks, I'm not above asking for help and looking stupid...
  9. TradTalk Main Forum
    How does this sound for a starter set: Samick Privilege riser LH Black $74.22 Samick Privilege limbs 66in 32lbs $68.92 Cavalier T-300 Rest LH $5.06 Cartel Super Cushion Pressure Button $6.00 Total: $154.20
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    Can anyone tell what a starter bow is exactly? I have an Impala delux, and I've never used any other bow. To me it is great for target's. Now my wife wants to try it out, but the 55# is to much for her. We looked at some 30 to 35# for her and she thinks it is good for her. Is that to light...
1-10 of 13 Results