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    Ok so a week or so ago I asked what people were using to hold their bow when they shot 3d or similar. I lay mine down and hope it doesn't get stepped on. Well there were a couple examples of a clever one, and I wanted to share with you all what I came up with for "Cheap". I was in Meijer and...
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    Currently I lay my bow on the ground to retrieve my arrows while the wheel guys have cool kick stands. What do you guys do with your bow? I'm thinking a quick detach set of shooting sticks mounted to the stab hole along with a limp top protector would make a cool way to set your bow down
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    Well im getting ready getting my under clothing ready Sent from my SCH-S720C using Tapatalk 2
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    Tomorrows opening day for deer i wanted to check to see who wants me to mKe a live from stand thread. Ill be hitting the woods with my 74# centaur( big surprise eh?) Sent from my SCH-S720C using Tapatalk 2
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    I just made a tree stand safety video. I know many of us already know this. but there are a bunch that dont so thought i would make this. Also did a bonus video that shows how to boil water in a plastic water bottle. Many of us hunt remote locations and haveing an extra way to purify water is a...
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    I waited till my harness came in ( lastnight) to put up my ladder stand. Packed iti in ,set it , adjusted it and then did some stumping from it to assure point of aim. A LONG afternoon. There are 4 scrapes within 15 yards ,scatt, tracks galore. This place is THICK and I am really hopeful.
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    Today I was still hunting and got into a really really thick area loaded with sign. Fresh tracks, fresh scat, beds, wallows and scapes all with 25 yards. The problem is it this so thick the only chance is from a tree stand and I don't like them. I had a buck within 15 yards and could not see...
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    Hello All,I want to make a stand for the 122cm target.Does anybody have the dim. of the stand? Width,height,and they seem to be leaning backwards.I need the angle of the stand if it is a regulation.Also the ones i shot at in florida had a little wind flag on top of stand.Is there a dimention for...
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    About a year ago Jer asked me if I would do him a favor - not a big deal something I could do easily and was happy to do. We have e-mailed back and forth and struck up a on-line friendship which I have no doubt will continue when we get a chance to meet person to person. This winter he...
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    Do you guys use a pee bottle while tree stand hunting. I heard arguments for and against for both by most of my hunting friends. What's your opinion? I don't want to spook the deer, and I berlieve peeing down your tree will simply add too much human scent, and thus I use the bottle, but it...
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    I've done a search already. I am looking to buy a climbing tree stand. I want it to be open in the front. (a platform to stand on and then maybe a seat that attaches to the tree?). What do some of you recommend? Thanks
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    Whats your guys preferred stance, bow position for shots from a stand? Im trying to hold the bow at 11(left handed) and bend at the waist with the lower limb just outside my right leg. Not looking to shoot at anything closer then about 8yds, but even that distance seems like it would be a heck...
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    What type of strap do you prefer using for a hang-on stand and why?
  14. Hunting Camp
    I helped a hunter track his deer this evening and saw that he had a Summit Open Shot Deluxe. Wow, that is a light stand. I don't use a climber because you can't go up any tree, however, that is one stand I would purchase if there was a serious need. Anyone else have an open shot?
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    12 yds @ 15' shot dead in line...looked like a foot over the deers back...not from deer dropping...never knew I was in the world...deer was calm and feeding...few weeks ago same thing even closer...getting to many shot opportunities to be blowing them...not buck fever perfectly calm...waited for...
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    I do most of the time, but not all of the time. I don't when I'm in a ladder stand, I do most of the time when I use a climber. I don't do Lock On's. I'd fall out of those.
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    I am building a very simple paper tuning stand out of 2X4's; what type of paper do I need and where can I get it?
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    I just got my stand set up. This is the first time I have been in a stand. I am a good shot out to 20 yards on level ground. Any tips for shooting out of a stand??
  19. Hunting Camp
    I just got a new ladder stand today. My questions are: Can I set her up where I want and leave it all year round? I plan on having 3 of them in total, for perminant stands on different areas of my property. Should I take it down and check it out during the spring? What special care should I take...
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    If I were to practice shooting from an elevated sitting position (like a treestand) is there any inherit disadvantage to shooting sitting down accuracy or otherwise? It seems to me that in hunting situations the less movement on my part the better. Is there a reason why most guys stand up for...