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    Hello. I'm a new member making my first post here but I am a member on a couple other forums and not new to archery. I know it's a long shot but I'm trying to find a set of limbs for the Quinn Stallion, preferably 62" 40-50#. I've also heard that the Samick Sage limbs can be modified to fit...
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    Just got a 60" Quinn Stallion, [email protected] Bow has the wood grain limbs and is like new. Shoots wonderfully but is so dang loud!. Please give me some tips to quiet it, if I cant get it quiet it gonna have to go, Thanks, Craig.
  3. Bow Projects
    I just purchased a Quinn Stallion but want to get a lower poundage limb for it. Can I use any other limbs on the Stallion riser? I know that the alignment pin will have to be drilled and inserted into new limb, but what limbs if any can be fit up to riser....Samick Sage, TT black max ILF...
  4. Warfin' Wall
    Hey guys, new to this site but have been on several other trad sites lurking and posting for years, a need for some info drew me here. I have a Quinn stallion that I would like to convert to ilf if it is a good option. I have a few reasons- I like the riser and would like to try some longbow...
  5. Hunting Camp
    It's a great little bow. Smooth and fast. Thanks Harold.
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    I have a Quinn Stallion 64"that I am very happy with. I have been thinking of another recurve and like the reviews on the Hoyt Buffalo. But, do I gain much advantage over the Quinn? Or are there some other similar type recurve's I can check out?
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    I made a B50 flemish 14 strand string for my 50# stallion, I have always shot fast flight strings and this is my first time shooting a B50 and a flemish on the Quinn. My string came out a little short and I have it twisted up a bit. I noticed a pretty good bit of vibration just after the shot...
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    I have a 64" Stallion I am going to make a B50 string long is it supposed to be? Seems like I remember all the factory strings being in a "whole number and 1/2" How many strands for 55 lbs?
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    I have a 60" stallion classic that has a dacron string on it and I am wanting to change to a fast flight material. Current string length is 57.5" with a brace height of 7.75". Bow length when strung is 59" tip to tip. I am talking to a string maker and he thinks I need a string that is longer...
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    I have yarn puffs on the string and the string is nice and quiet but I have a thud sound coming from the limbs and need ideas on how to quiet it. The arrow is not an issue as I am at 11 gpp. I still have the cork gasket material that came with the bow between the limbs and riser...I have heard...
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    Well, my Stallion Classic is ready to go to work...she got some new 'bullets' I had some 2114's laying around and I cut them to 30 1/2" with 100 grains up front and some white barred feathers and honestly this arrow combo has flown the best out of the bow. She is 40# @ 29" and I draw 29 1/2"...
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    Does anyone know how I can go about ordering a new limb for my Quinn Stallion? Cant find a website or any info. Lost their number. Please help. Thanks alot and God bless.
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    Have a new Stallion on the way, 60", [email protected], it isnt here yet but I am going to custmize it when I get it would love to see pics of your for ideas. Also I will be drawing this bow to 30", shooting Gold Tips, what would work well with point weight on these arrows off the shelf? They are full...
  14. Warfin' Wall
    Any after-market limbs that will fit on a Quinn Stallion riser? :smash:
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    I have looking into buying a recurve for a while now and I just called Quinn's Archery but the lady told me the owner passed away and they had not trained anyone to take over. I was wanting to buy a Quinn Stallion 64" 45# but i guess I am out of luck. What other bows should I look at? This...
  16. Warfin' Wall
    I'm a big fan of the Quinn Stallion (as well as the family that makes them). I always thought the Stallion riser would make a great platform for a modern longbow, but unfortunately there were no limb options available. Well, about a month ago, Sam volunteered to convert one lucky archery's...
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    I just received the 60" 55#@28 Stallion that I picked up off the Trading Blanket today. I just wanted to say thanks to all who suggested this bow to me, especially Sam Koger who answered so many questions. This is one nice shooting little bow, I mean really nice. Its got a sweet little "thump"...
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    OK this question is ONLY for Quinn Stallion shooters who shoot off the shelf. I have been shooting an elevated rest ever since I got into trad archery almost 3 years ago. I was thinking of trying my hand at shooting off the shelf. Stallion shooters, what material are you using for rest and...
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    I received my new Quinn Stallion Classic today. Its 60", RH and 50# @ 28". I have been shooting my 35# Samick Sage to work on my form but I had to string the 50 pounder to try it. It was worth the weight. I still need to practice with the lighter bow but will start to add the Quinn into the mix.
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    Do any of you STALLION owners adjust the tiller on your stallion or only shoot with the limbs all the way down? There is no mention of tillering in the manual,if you do, how do shoot it ?