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    Pretty much everywhere I read about it the advice is to decrease "preload" by letting the bolts out if you have a long draw. And this may give a lighter draw at 30" or so largely because its lowers the initial draw weight and increases brace height. But isnt it actually making the stacking...
  2. TradTalk Main Forum
    Question: How much does riser design contribute to stacking at end of draw cycle? Seems my Pearson Equalizer riser and SF Extremes stack at the last few inches of draw. Is the shorter riser the culprit?
  3. TradTalk Main Forum
    Yesterday I went to one of the renaissance fairs and decided to try out one of the all wood horsebows the vendor was showing. It was rated at 42# at 28" I normally shoot a 45# recurve, and have a 28" draw to the throat of the grip. I could not believe how bad the staking this bow had...
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    Hi guys, Have read some reviews that have commented on low quality control of the buffalo so interested in owner's views pls. And one question on handling/performance - I draw 30", any issues re stacking? Thanks all.
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    I'm shooting a 50# Grizzly , is there a rule of thumb to what might stack up per inch past the 28 mark. When i get a chance i plan on hanging a vinyl tape from a scale and checking. Just wondering i guess if some limbs stack faster than others. I'm probably a little longer than 29" at full draw...
  6. TradTalk Main Forum
    Hi All Is there a stacking weight system that you can use for upping field point tip weight? Think I need another 100gn on top of the 250gn I have already. Context is that my current BB set up with CVS limbs has a POI of 75m at 8gpp shot split finger - moving to 3 under & 17gpp (635gn @ 38#)...
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    I just heard the Austrians are using their own brand 3D's for the Fita world 3D's and using the same courses this weekend for their National 3D champs Hmmmmm Austrian's they're pretty hard to beat at the best of times on 3D ranges and living in flat Estonia and shooting in the Alps is hard...
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    I made a Proline Warf and put 35# TT Longbow limbs on it. I have been using some of my old wooden arrrows for the past few weeks but got around to measuring draw length in prep for ordering some arrows. I always thought my DL was 28" but with the lighter poundage (about 47# at 28") and working...
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    Stacking, can someone explain this to me.I've heard alot of shooters talk about it but no real explaination.When a bow stacks is there a way to fix it ,or is that the way it is? Not to sound stuipid but would like to know what this means. Thankyou for your time.
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    I've been thinking about a 62" R/D longbow and I draw 28 1/2 inches. I'm comfortable with a 60# draw weight (I'm a biscuit shy of 215 lbs) so I wouldn't mind a little stack in a 55# bow, but I don't know if that would shorten the life of the bow? Can I find a 62" longbow that doesn't stack...
1-10 of 10 Results