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    Need new arrows for barebow discipline down to these 2 options Any pros n cons from real user?? Will leave those shaft uncut n with heaviest stock point BTW Thx~ *String walking with OTF 36# Max 6M on Mybo Elite n Gillo G1, ZT rest
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    Hey guys and gals, Has anyone shot the Carbon express Nano sst and can give me the lowdown on them ? I am considering them but I don't know anyone who has shot them yet. Any words of advice would be great fully received Cheers Jo
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    I purchased a Phil Grable SST 2000 in the early 70's for hunting. I returned limbs several times trying to solve the Maple limb butt checking that eventually extended into the inletted metal limb coupling which scared me a bit considering the heavy poundage limbs. The last set of replacement...
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    I'm trying to set up a 45# Savannah for my non-bowhunting buddy to get him introduced to archery. I mentioned this situation in an earlier thread. He has a damaged left shoulder and though he is a big strong guy he can't handle the compression of the shoulder created by drawing one of my...
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    Does anyone know who made these or how to get them now that cabelas no longer handles them? They are a great shaft extreme penetrating i still have about 2 dozen but would like to get some more or find a shaft of the same diameter as these and weight.:thankyou:
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    Another in a SERIES of discussions about various carbon arrows. This one is about CABELAS SST Please provide personal experiences and/or data that you have. Also, provide links to previous discussions here at TradTalk, as well as other forums about CABELAS SST. thank you :)
  7. TradTalk Main Forum
    I'm going to order a dozen SST's for hunting and I wanted to know if I need to have them cut longer because of the outsert. I pull 28" and I generally just get my arrows cut to 29" because with my Warf I think I pull a half an inch longer. Should I get the SST's at 30"? Also, if I want to...
  8. TradTalk Main Forum
    I've never been really satisfied with any carbon arrows I've tried till now---I've been shooting the Cabelas SST carbons lately and am very impressed! These are the little skinny ones with outserts. They weigh about 520 grains with a 200 grain point on them. Out of my 51 lb. Iron Mtn. longbow...
1-8 of 9 Results