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    It's says my BH is 6 5/8ths" from the string too the plunger but (2) measuring tapes?....say my BH is 7"s even... Might wanna check yours before recommending BH to others. ;)
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    Gentlefolk...recently there has been an issue brought up by an apparently dis-satified customer who recently purchased a new 21" hoyt excel riser which is claimed to be exhibiting "nearly" an 1/8th" of warpage (and exhibiting such with 3 different sets of newly purchased limbs) via visual...
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    Claim it was revenge for all of the Taliban leaders killed by American troops of late. Time to turn the heat up on them everywhere.
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    I have a cheap little Saunders bow square. I was trying to check tiller on FITA riser and there was enough slop on the square attached to the string that I could get from 1/8" neg tiller to 1/8" pos tiller if I touched the square. It didn't sit snug on the string. Who makes a good reasonably...
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    I want a little thingy :) that will let me turn a arrow with the field point screwed off into a bow square. Design issues - 1). different diameter arrows. 2). want it as small as possible 3). durability must be of the highest concern I have got several design options in mind and a made a...
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    does anyone have an idea as to what the incremental marks on the saunders fold-away bow square represent? as far as i can determine, they are not fractions of an inch, and i'm having a bit of a difficult time using it to set brace height. wish i hadn't loaned out my potowanimi. thanks for any...