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    I am looking to purchase a Springy rest, or maybe a couple of them. I need right hand and would consider the standard or micro tune model. A variety of spring weights would be ideal. Thanks
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    Why the different springs, do I need a heavier spring for a heavier arrow, what are the weight limits for each spring.
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    How far past center does a riser need to be cut in order to effectively benefit from using a springy rest? What is the least you could get away with and what would be ideal? Thanks for any insight... Dan Z
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    What springy rest is this? It's not the original or the new micro (note the hex shaft, like it's a plunger). The pic is off Pat Norris site. Also do the springs look like this now? The one I have the coils at the base are touching, these are open.
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    I've got a DAS 17inch riser on its way to me right now. I'm shooting Dryad ACS Recurve limbs that should be pulling about 56lbs when all is said and done. I have every intention of putting a micro adjust springy rest on the bow. I have never used one and am a total newb. I shoot a fixed crawl...
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    I was just listening to the primitive pursuit podcast with Randy Cooling being interviewed. He was explaining his bow setup and he said he was shooting a springy rest off of his Black Widow. My question is, do they make a stick on springy rest? I thought they went through your berger hole...
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    Hey all, I think Pat Norris may be traveling. I sent him an e-mail but no reply yet, he might have gone to the Indoor Nationals. I lost the set screw to my stainless adj. springy and can't figure out which size and thread it is. Surely could find one local, but trying to keep from taking it...
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    This will be my first year shooting BB field. My set up is going to be A Spigarelli BB riser, Hoyt 40# 840, Centaur 45# or Border Hex 7.5 45#. I really like the ease of tuning and durability of a Springy. My question is, is the springy good for string walking to be competitive?. If not any...
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    Does anyone here use a springy for bowfishing or would that be a bad idea? Trying to set up my "beater" Rambo Warf for bowfishing and general shooting- ideally use the same rest for everything (a springy). Would the safety arrow slide / get caught up on the springy?
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    I just started using a springy rest and really like it. Feather wear is not so good, I was wondering if vanes can be shoot with a springy if so do they have to be the softer type or more like the Blazer type material?
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    I'm looking to put a more forgiving rest on my Titan III than my current stick-on shelf. For those who have used the options mentioned in the title of this thread, which do you prefer for hunting and why? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Anyone shoot the old springy rest?.... I have an ilf rig. I am considering putting an elevated rest on. I have one of the old springy rest laying around. Anyone advice or experience with these rests?... or are there better options out there? Like maybe a flipper rest?... thanks for any input...
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    I bought the simple springy with 20,25, and 30 oz springs to go on my hunting rig. I didn't have much time last night so I just ran a few arrows through it with the 30. I'll definitely need to get some heat shrink tubing because it's a little louder on the draw than I prefer. Initial results...
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    I'm getting ready to order a couple of the basic springy rests and am wondering about the different spring weights. This is my first foray into springy rests. These will be used on my hunting rigs, shooting 415-475 grain carbon arrows from 1"+ fixed crawl. I would assume either the 25 or 30...
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    Most here know that I've shot a springy rest on my hunting bow for a long time. Bob Gordon talked me into going that way on the first warf I got from him about 11 years ago. So it was easy to go to the springy rest when I started shooting Field, and oh so nice when Gary and Pat got the...
1-15 of 84 Results