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    I’m looking for some suggestions on some good quality spit finger tabs. I have been shooting three under but tonight I tried a split finger tab and I’m thinking of going that way. I need something not too thin with a spacer to help with my 64 year old finger joints.
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    Just wondering. It seems like they all shoot 3 under.
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    Hello All, Got a new PCH III 48# @28 just before Christmas. I wore the hair off my rest trying to tune her up. Used 500 and 400 spine arrows cut to 29" all the way down from 32" bare-shafting with tips from 150 to 250. Always got nock-high flight and bouncing off shelf. BH is set at 8 1/2"...
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    As always, just a conversation starter, to be taken subjectively and discuss archery with replies. Shalom
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    i dislike gap shooting. going from 3 under to split i have a 20 inch gap at first. i find stacking my aim is difficult too today i noticed that instead of gapping 20 inches i can use my shelf for my elevation and string walk my gap away. i used this today from 33-40 yds and it worked . IE. for...
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    I am getting back into Trad shooting after a 20 year layoff. I see that a lot of people are shooting 3 under these days. I have never tried it myself. What are the advantages to one over the other? Is there any reason for me to move from split finger to 3 under? I shoot instinctive.
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    I've tried this a couple of times since I began shooting 3 under. It's bugged me for a while now that I once enjoyed playing at 70 yards but today I'm down to 25yards point on, and a 70 yard shot would practically have me looking under the arrow,to still see the target. So I gave it a go at...
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    Hi all, I have a question I haven’t found answered out there in the trad world… I shoot a 40 pound black widow Longbow (at my short draw length of 25”). I find that shooting three under my dead on distance is 25 yards. I can do 30 yards at 6 inches over, and 35 yards at a foot to 15 inches...
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    I can get a perfect bare shaft test shooting split finger, but can’t seem to get a good bare shaft test shooting three under. Anybody else have this issue? It shows I need to move the nock point up but to get what looks like a good up/down bare shaft, the nock point has to be ridiculously high...
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    Anyone here shoot split gap? Trying to teach myself and having trouble. I shoot well with just snap shooting.... but want to get way more consistent. I have watched the Clay Hayes videos on YouTube and the helped.... but my gaps are way backwards of what he shows. I.e. at 5 yards he is about 12...
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    For those of you shooting the Satori with split finger, what are you running for the tiller setting? I am currently at 1/4" positive. Thanks.
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    Gentlefolk?...I wanted to get the opinions of some of the more experienced here regarding an event I experienced while participating in a 900rd this last weekend. I shot this same 900rd 2 months ago with my 66"/38# Tempest BB rig that is spitting my 330gr/8.7gpp VAP V1's out at 204fps where I...
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    I was in the market for a bow case to carry my Border Covert Hunter while strung (and with bow quiver). I ordered from Rhino Products, Inc and finally received the case today! Anyone with the Border CH knows the big limb hooks makes it a challenge to find a case that will carry it while strung...
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    Where to begin? It has been a couple of years since I was able to shoot. I live in the Philippines now and finally discovered a place to shoot and was introduced to the Philippine Barebow Archers Association, which I joined. I immediately ordered a DaLaa from 3Rivers along with a quite...
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    Hi everyone, I didn't see an intro section. I'm a longtime compound archer but new to traditional. I wanted to try something new. I got a 55# samick sage for Christmas. I've been trying to decide between 3 under and split. As most, I'm more accurate at 3 under but split feels more natural. The...
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    Okay, now that the wife has finally come over to the light side and put her Oly bow away and is now shooting Trad, she asked a question that I don't have a firm answer to. Is it permissible to switch between three under and split finger during a shoot? Per the rules: 7. One anchor point only...
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    If a guy guys shoots a half round 3 under and other half split finger? Both methods he draws the arrow nock to same spot under eye. Has he stringwalked? Has he face walked? I carry a glove and tab and shoot whatever suits.
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    anyone on here split vision shoot? i think this is what i use if i am correct i can see the target and arrow at same time if im wrong please critique. thanks all
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    I made a quiver for a friend in exchange for a rather beautiful Yew log. You can see it here and read the story behind it I've now brought the log home and it's gently seasoning in the roof of the garage. It'll stay there for...
1-19 of 77 Results