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    Good fitness helps improve performance, whether you are hunting, competing, or shooting in your backyard. I know the pitfalls of focusing solely on shooting and neglecting fitness. It took me a year to recover. So how would you gauge the proportion of preparation time you spend on fitness...
  2. TradTalk Main Forum
    I bought Debbie's 4 almost 5 year old grandson one of Dryad's new kid's bow. It is the real deal. Nice bow. I brought the bow home we gave it to Hudson but he in general was not to interested I thought. Debbie said don't press it. Just let him come around. I was out shooting this evening...
  3. TradTalk Main Forum
    Yes, I went to the Rod Jenkins clinic at 3R in Feb. Not enough room here to explain all that I learned and had corrected. I'll just say that I now have a repeatable shot sequence after almost 2000 shots at the blank bale and the bridge work and watching myself on video playback. (sometimes...
  4. TradTalk Main Forum
    Interesting finding on tuning a horribly out of tune bow - had posted a couple of days ago about riser weights not affecting my outcomes & Greysides pointed out (very kindly) some obvious tuning errors. Had a look at the bow & it was worse than expected - forgot that significant low temps also...
  5. TradTalk Main Forum
    Would like to know the amount of time it takes you to shoot a well aimed shot?
  6. Watering Hole
    Older gent on the way to work (commuting 68 miles, we hit a ton of different highways) been on the farm since 1955, holiday weekends he displays some of his older tractors in his yard. 12 years or so I got to stopping & visiting with him. He had one John Deere, 1939 "first year styled"...
1-6 of 10 Results