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    no historical claims no lars anderson How to Shoot with Fastest Archery Technique Tutorial - YouTube
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    I "stole" this off another thread, where Glynn posted it. I think it's a valid question deserving not to get buried & lost. I'm also curious to read answers on it. MY nut says trajectory, even speeds all same, heavier drops sooner. What say you all? I watched a video of Aron Snyder talking...
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    I was looking at the UK Mybo Pathefinder - a minimalist riser with a lot of deflex. With the deflex, the specs are saying the BH will be 8.5" to 9.25" on a 19" riser. I draw 27" and most of my ILF setups with medium limbs on 19" risers, my BH...
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    I have a damon howatt high speed, was wondering if anyone would know what the brace height range would be for it. It is a shooter and hunting traditional for the first time this year. Something pure about it for sure. Thanks for any help. Sent from my SM-J727T using Tapatalk
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    Looking for some faster ILF limbs than my Samick Universals. Thinking of two which are the DAS Bamboo @ $160 or the WNS B1 @$100 or the carbon version of the WNS B1. My Samick Universals only give me 168 fps at 28" with 10 gr/lb shot with a release and I would like to get up to 180 fps which...
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    A couple months ago I posted a question regarding a busted Howatt Hi Speed and got a lot of good feed back; so here's another question. I now have two Hi Speed handles, because I can't bring myself to toss them, and I'm wondering if a traditional bowyer could use one of those handles to attach...
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    Just curious about where we all are. I don’t really care much about draw weight as limb design makes that such a weird variable. To me, the rubber hits the road with arrow speed. What speed and arrow weights are you guys getting out of your hunting rigs? I’m kicking around 177fps average...
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    “How many pounds do you think this is shot with? Organic horn/sinew Turkish flight bow, 200 grain arrow, 27" draw, and fast flight string.” - courtesy Ivar Malde (answer published shortly after the replies !) regard, John
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    If my bow @ 47# shoots 161fps @ 12.44GPP how do I figure out the FPS at 10GPP? Do I have enough data points here? Is it just a linear increase FPS for the reduction in GPP (that makes for very high FPS).
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    I am thinking of buying av recurve for hunting and field shooting. How much diffrence in speed is it between a traditional bow (for example Samick Sage) and a modern ilf recurve (for example Hoyt satori with Uhhka limbs) with same lenght (60"-62") and strenght (45#-50#)? //Peter
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    Hi guys, I'm relatively new to archery and decided that I wanted to enter the Traditional Archery side of things.* So...I bought a Bodnik Mohawk Hybrid (Longbow). I followed the advice of some very accomplished archers and went for a light bow to establish good form in the beginning.* I...
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    An interesting comparison between speeds of Korean horsebows ( the "garden variety" and not the composite horn bow) . . . note difference between speeds from the thumb ring and the Slavic release. regards, John
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    Have a hi Speed here I believe to be 1974 or 1975 but I'm no expert if someone could help me out I'd greatly appreciate it
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    Serial HSX 1191 #45 @ 28 58". Is there anyone that can help me date this bow? I presume it's like 1960-1961 but I am no expert. Thank you
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    Has anyone carefully measured the speed of any Omega longbow? If so I would like to know the details 1. draw length 2. weight at draw length 3. arrow weight 4. fingers or release. 5. type of string tks Dennis
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    FYI Decided to pick up a chrongraph and play around checking speeds of various bows this was done using a caldwell chrongraph from cabelas. Could not weigh the carbon arrow so I went by what it said on the shaft and tip weight , arrow was about 300 grains with a 100 grain field point , so...
1-17 of 131 Results